audio-technica ath-ad700x
  1. shotgun

    ATH-AD700 successor/alternative?

    I've searched around but couldn't find info on this particular model (although it's commonly praised). I love my set, but I've lost them moving apartments. Being discontinued, what would be the closest model (by AT or otherwise) to match their sound and wearing comfort? Similar price range...
  2. Z

    Philips SHP9500, ATH-AD700X, etc for PC/PS4 Use Via Jack, No Amp?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to headphones. For a long time I used the $5 ones from the nearby general store before trying several name ones (Beats, Bose, etc). Eventually I went with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT. I tried them as well as the M40X, and while I preferred the M40X's sound, I...
  3. Sarkany2713

    Grado SR8e, AKG K271 or Audio-Technica ath-ad700x?

    Hi there guys! I am planning to buy a new pair of headphones around 100 bucks and I've come to these 3 models. I'm also thinking about buying an amp later. Which one would you recommend? I will use it for listening to music (Pink Floyd) and for a bit of gaming. Thanks for all your help in...