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philips 9700 VS Sony MDR EX50 VS Sennheiser MX 580

  1. Ansem
    hi guys :) i want buy a new pair of hearphones for my ipod and smartphone.
    I listen metal,gothic,rock and punk :) it's no important for me if the new hearphone is in-ear or not.
    I see this 3 hearphone on amazon.it (the less expensive in italy):
    -philips 9700 20€
    -Sony MDR EX50 20€
    -creative EP630 23€
    -Sennheiser MX 580 30€
    the sennheise worth the 10€ higher price?if no,what's the best between philips and sony?
  2. Ansem
    i find also the sennheiser CX300 II precision at 35€.
    beteween this five hearphone what's the best?
  3. Ansem
    no one can tell me if the sennheiser CX 300 II precision worth the 15€ more than this 3 hearphone?
    -philips 9700 20€
    -Sony MDR EX50 20€
    -creative EP630 23€
  4. chrone
    i go with Philips SHE9700 without a doubt. been using it for two years now. great affordable deep punching bass and high definition clarity on mid and treble for this price range IEM. :D

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