petition to ban/delete threads about active ebay auctions
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I certainly will not sign such a petition.
Just look at all those fake Stax SR-Omega and Grado HP1000/PS-1 auctions. Someone on Head-Fi might have been scammed if we were not allowed to warn you!

I'm glad that the Grado auction on Ebay is gone too
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I'm glad that the Grado auction on Ebay is gone too

It came back twofold, didn't it?
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you people are really antagonistic sometimes.

i wasn't trolling. when i said the thread was mostly a joke i meant that i didn't think that the e-bay threads would actually be banned, or that being here only a few months that i should have a deciding vote either way, but that i was trying to make a point by being as oboxious as i think most "heads up0rZ" e-bay threads are. hence the "srsly".

i fully endorse all of Azure's points, and i can't really see why you people are fighting so hard for such stupid threads. if you're fighting against mod-control of threads that could potentially get out of hand, then that's one thing, but there are numerous well-founded arguments against the e-bay threads. there are virtually no good arguments for keeping them except the aforementioned laissez-faire ideology, which the board doesn't seem to embrace fully anyway.
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I thought about that aspect, but in actuality its not that different. A seller will have a certain limited amount of an item. Once its gone, its gone. Opening a thread about a deal will just as effectively make the item unobtainable...just through being already sold vs not being able to afford it anymore.

Basically, people are advocating eliminating competition...which to me is rather dumb since most markets operate on a global basis and I see eBay as such a market. Price competition is just part of the game. I don't buy into the "I'm pissed off cause you saw the auction too" mentality.

And your argument of "are most head-fiers eBay sellers or eBay buyers"...buyers...but then potentially we're hurting ourselves? Or are we helping keep high quality equipment within the community, since obviously they have to be on head-fi to even read the thread? Its like beating a dead horse. Essentially, you want to keep high quality equipment away from the head-fiers with more money.

My gripe is the "Head-Fi effect," which drives items up to ridiculously high levels. Posting a bunch of Buy-It-Nows on here won't change the price of the auction, and the people that already saw these auctions and are really interested likely already bought what they wanted (but the difference is that these people cannot do anything when there isn't a Buy-It-Now, so they're forced to sit there as the auction price is driven up and up and up...). Consider how it effects people who saw the auctions before they were posted here, and in the case of auctions that are Buy-It-Now it really doesn't make too much of a difference compared to auctions that have no Buy-It-Now.

Who would you say benefits the most and the least from posting eBay auctions here? I'd say the seller benefits the most, and the potential buyers benefit the least. I'm more for helping potential buyers by not posting auctions (those interested can just spend a couple minutes to do a search and find the item without having to have somebody hand it to them on a plate) than for helping sellers by posting auctions, and I believe more Head-Fiers are on the buying side than the selling side on eBay.

There's no reason to delete this thread. I think the thread should stay so that people know it's one more thread that has already discussed this issue. I do feel that it should be locked, however.
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In general I like an occassional "heads-up" on a particular e-bay or Amazon deal. But if someone is repeatedly posting, in a manner that they are acting as a shill, I hope the moderators would spot that and take appropriate action.
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Well... Trolling is not allowed...

Actually trolling is allowed.

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