Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be

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  1. DanWiggins
    It is only dangerous in dust form and inhaled. Eating it can give you indigestion and some irritation, but is rarely an issue.
  2. Stuff Jones
    @DanWiggins Does the B stock BE come with the 5 year warranty?
  3. DanWiggins
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  4. Stuff Jones
    BE is out of stock. Any idea when you'll get them back in stock?
  5. DanWiggins
    Blemished are in stock now, new production will be in stock in mid December (after we restock all our dealers - I believe World Wide Stereo still has good stock on new units).
  6. ribosradagast
    This. I heard them at Capital AudioFest a couple of weekends ago and I had precisely the same impressions - Mg "pretty ok", Ti horrendously bright, Be "just right"
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  7. DanWiggins
    That is a pretty common "audiophile/enthusiast" reaction to the models. However, sales to general consumers is close to 1/3rd for each model; I believe the Ti model not only measures, but sounds closer to what most consumers experience with general headphones. Thus sales of Ti pick up quite a bit when you look at more than the tiny niche represented by HeadFi'ers.
  8. Kevin Lee
    Are the new production BE in mid December "made in USA" ?
  9. DanWiggins
    They are assembled in the USA, in the now-frozen lands of Minnesota. Parts are sourced from around the world, including Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, China, and of course the US.

    We will get photos and a short video up of our assembly process and team, so people can see how an IEM is built. Note that we designed our IEM from day one to be assembled, and each part is keyed to only be assembled one way, with little to no error. Parts snap in to each other, minimal glues are required, and the result is a pretty quick and slick assembly technique that reduces variation and errors from labor.
  10. koikoikoi
    Been listening to the Be some after receiving my blemished unit. Not a fan of the metal case it came with (can't seem to screw it closed w/ iems inside). It's hard to see which side is L/R in low light situations. Cable likes to snag and get tangled.

    Sound however is something special, listening with foam tips. Bass is tight and controlled. Vocals sound especially clear and natural. All genres I've listened to so far sound 'right'. Easily replacing my Zero audio carbo tenore and LZ A4 for portable use.
  11. RollsDownWindowsManually
    Interesting that you like the foam tips. I really like my Be with silicon tips but they get too dark with too much treble roll-off for me with comply foam tips. I'm always on the lookout for new tips to try with the Be.
  12. koikoikoi
    I'm enjoying them with Spiral Dots as well but for me personally foam is the only thing that doesn't cause pain after a short while
  13. michsu
    Sorry, I'm a newbie at this.. I just bought the "Be" earbuds and also looking for an amp.. people were recommending the Fiio A5.. If I buy that from Amazon, what other cables would i need? I think a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable linking amp to source? The headphones 3.5mm should connect directly the amp. Is that right? Thank you;
  14. DanWiggins
    Try them off your phone first... You may find they are plenty good. We designed them with a relatively high impedance (32 Ohms) and it's basically ruler flat over bandwidth, so most cell phones can drive them to rather high levels without any issues of modulation.

    If you do an external amp, you would need a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable. We are about to release our own amp as well, with plenty of potential power, really low output impedance, and a tiny package.
  15. michsu
    I plan to plug them into a computer.. is a computer's default sound card better than my cell phone (computer is basic sound card, Intel HD Audio) vs Iphone 7 Plus; How does your amp compare to the Fiio A5? That supposedly has > 800 mW (32 Ohms, THD < 1 %) (from their spec sheet); I heard people plugging into A3 or less, and stating not enough power? I was recommended the A5 by others on the forum. Thank you.

    I will wait on the amp and listen, like you said. Thank you again for taking the time to answer my "easy" question.
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