Periodic Audio IEMs Mg, Ti, Be

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  1. Kevin Lee
    No detachable cable, NO deal
  2. QuadraKev
    The cable isn't my favorite cable ever, but if it holds up for its 5 year warranty, I'll be pretty happy with it. I wish it would straighten out easier, though.
  3. QuadraKev
    I've been listening to these a good bit the past couple days.. they are some fun sounding IEMs! I'm enjoying these a lot.
  4. DanWiggins
    And at the end of the day, that's the goal. If you have fun, if you enjoy listening to music - then it's a good product. Measurements are a great way to capture what you are doing but I'm not a big believer in that they should guide where you are going. Listen to the product, and if it moves you - it's right.
  5. Richsvt
    Just came in from a long walk with the Be and X3iii. Great pairing. I keep saying it but these are really a great piece. Very balanced with a touch of warmth. Light-weight and easily driven. Thank you Dan.
  6. Kevin Lee
    but I still want detachable cable like lot of others
  7. DanWiggins
    Patience. We won't do removable cables until we can do them properly. And in our opinion, an MMCX-based solution is NOT proper.
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  8. Rick T.
    I wish there were more ear tip sizes included. What suits me best are the silicon single flange types. The problem is that there are only three sizes, and my ears are kinda weird that I think the best fit sonically would be halfway between the medium and large tips.. With the medium tips it gives me the best mids and transients, but the bass is ultimately lacking on most tracks. With the large tips, although the seal is good, there's just too much bass and it obscures transient detail especially with complex material..

    I did use some spare tips from other IEM's but they altered the tonality to a great degree IMO. I even tried Spinfit CP100's but the stock ones still sound best to me.. I think the secret with the stock silicon single flange is the large bore size and its shape, that it sounds best with the Be.. And it's unique to Periodic.. I'm not a fan of foam tips, they kill microdynamics IMO.
  9. mochill
    Get the jvc spiraldots tips
  10. Rick T.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Spiral Dots. They do have a larger than typical bore size too. The Medium Large size might be the ticket for me. Thanks again..
  11. mochill
    Your welcome
  12. griff06
    @DanWiggins forgive me if you already have answered this, but when or do you have plans to have a distributer in the UK market?
    Many thanks
  13. Kundi
  14. DanWiggins
    UK and Canada: starting to look. The last thing we wanted to do was expand above our ability to support. We want to manage growth of distribution so that we can support the entire distribution chain - not just with product, but with technical support, etc.
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  15. Mastermind
    TIps with larger bore size (like 6mm) sound definitely sound the best with Be making their sound even greater.
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