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Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

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  1. DWbirdseye
    I've got my work cut out for me when it comes to color choices; it's going to be fun! SGS goes way beyond the call of duty, he even listened to a specific live recording to to share which monitor sounded better > Deca vs. AR6
  2. shotgunshane Contributor
    A fun technical aspect of the Deca- if you crave a little more bass at times, you can add some impedance to your chain and boost the bass. I have a 15 ohm adapter and it makes the Deca pretty fun sounding. I'm thinking a 10 ohm adapter would be the sweet spot between fun and reference.
  3. flinkenick
    That is pretty interesting actually. How does it affect the rest of the signature?
  4. shotgunshane Contributor
    The more you add, it will make it bassier with a slight increase in middle treble. So basically it will start to make it V shaped. The only 75 ohm Triple Fi airplane adapter is pretty V shaped with it.

    So you can have 2 signatures in one.
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  5. DWbirdseye
    Just received my Deca. They are undergoing the requisite burn-in, but they sound good right out of the box.
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  6. DWbirdseye
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  7. DWbirdseye
    I've had my Perfect Seal Deca for a couple of weeks now and have been really enjoying them. These are the most neutral in ears I have ever owned and they offer a very good tonal balance. Others have described these as seamless throughout the frequency range, and I would have to agree. Micro details are in abundance and they scale incredibly well as evidenced when paired them with my desktop Schiit Mjolnir 2 and Schiit Gungnir multi bit. Bass could be a wee bit more pronounced but it certainly is tight and well textured - no flab and well chiseled is how I would describe them. Vocals are nicely rendered and lyrics are easy to understand. Both sound stage and imaging are very good, with the sound stage excelling in layering from front to back. There's also a good sense of the acoustic space within the recording, especially when paired with the Lotoo Paw Gold Diana edition. The leading edge of the note from drums and guitars (as an example) is good and the ability to reproduce the attack of well tuned drums where the bearing edges are slightly raised, i.e. drum workshop collectors edition, is accurately portrayed. Thanks to all those who recommended these, especially Nic and shotgunshane. Oh, and the company is aptly named as these offer a perfect seal.
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  8. MIke M
    Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you are enjoying them!
  9. ironpeg
    Just got Layla Reshelled from Mike. Excellent work! My girlfriend really loves them.
  10. MIke M
    I'm really glad she likes them bc that was a p.i.t.a, lol
  11. goodvibes
    I finally got to hear these at Axpona and the Decca and AR6 are definitely not getting enough props. There's always preference but they compete with anything. I don't think the Decca needs any bass boost at all. The Decca is a little warmer but I wouldn't increase the bass on the AR6 either. Both are what I consider accurate with slightly different voices. I preferred these to any of the 64 audio I heard. I also liked the EE EP series and thought the jh16v2 with the bass turned way down was the sweet spot in the JHA line.

    Thing is, Perfect Seal competes with the big names and seems to fall off the map when they really should be part of any better IEM discussions. Their booth was way too quiet for the sound they make. I guess folks just don't recognize them enough yet. If you're in the market, at least try to get an audition. The quality of build and performance is there. The rest is personal.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2018
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  12. proedros
    it's a shame but this is a place that up until very recently had K10 as the best of all times (which is a joke just saying it out loud)

    hype has always been a huge factor in this place , hope PS gets some love even with delay
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  13. shotgunshane Contributor
    I’m not around on HF much these days, but the AR6 is very competitive and should be on anyone’s radar looking for a neutral leaning reference. The bass is fantastically extended, balanced and well textured, and the upper mid vocal boost is very tastefully applied. Certainly is a shame this brand doesn’t get the love I think it deserves.
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  14. cw68
    Im not sure is this ok to put here
    Im going to be putting up my PS4 in ear up for sale as I dont use them anymore due to work environment is better suited for over ear headphones .
    Mike said he can reshell them for about 150
    If any one is interested PM Im going to take pics and decide on a price before the weekend is up .
  15. Sebastien Chiu
    Hi y'all!

    I'm looking to get a reshell done and PerfectSeal seems to be the only company in the US that still does them.

    Can any of you comment on your experience if you've done it with them before?

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