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Perfect Seal Custom in-ear monitors

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  1. Kerouac
    Well...when multiple members are posting about the same (in different threads), then there must be some truth to it, right? [​IMG]
    Nice to know that it has such good synergy with so many totl (c)iems, including the AR6 (and probably Deca as well)
  2. Deviver
    Finally got a new phone so I can post this. But I'm happy to say Mike hooked me up with a reshell on a set of noble k10s. Super fast service.

    Abalone 08 faceplates, black shells.
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  3. ironpeg
    Still waiting for my Layla to be reshelled.
  4. ironpeg
    Perfect Seal Deca
                I came across Perfect Seal Labs by accident. I was looking for someone to reshell my reshelled Layla for my girlfriend when I found “Mike” from Perfect Seal. At that time Deca just came out. Mike offered Deca for a discount price ($1050). I think it was a good bet for my new CIEM.
    $1450 Acrylic ($1050 with introduction promo)
    Perfect for those who desire more bass while maintaining awesome clarity and imaging
    - 10 Balanced Armature Drivers
    -2 Low
    -4 mid
    -2 high
    -2 super high
    -5 way passive crossover
    -3 sound bores

    From: http://perfect-seal.com/music/
    Ordering Process
                The process of ordering Deca is kind of weird for me because you cannot order directly from the website. You have to email, or talk to “Mike” via Facebook to order. Mike said he can do mostly every color on the acrylic shells in the market. You just need to let him know. However, there is no color chart for you in his website. He has several special faceplate designs on his website. The turnaround time for Deca is roughly 3 – 4 weeks. I got mine in 3 weeks.
                Mike did a very good job in fitting. No need to do refit. Deca fits my ears very well. Deca gives a very good isolation comparing to my Roxanne.
    Sound Impressions
                To me, perception of sound is subjective. Each person has their own preference and perception of sound. This review is based on my perception and taste.
                 Deca is claimed to be “fun” by Mike. He also claimed that it has high clarity and nice bass response with not too forward mid.
                 Despite the claim from Mike, I think Deca could be one of my reference CIEM with a little bit of bass boost. I feel that I sound similar to JH Roxanne with bass adjust at 40%. However, Deca handles better dynamic presentation of the sound comparing to Roxanne. I find soundstage very impressive. It is wide but not unrealistic wide. The separation of each instrument is very well separated. You will feel the air and space between each instrument. However, vocal in Deca is considered forward to me. Moreover, I feel that Deca still lacks a presentation of a 3-D sphere sound. Don’t get me wrong. It still provides you sound in all the x-y-z axis.
                The sub-bass is clean, fast, and precise with great control in overall bass. The quantity of bass is just right for reference but you will find it too little for the “fun” sound. Nevertheless, you can still feel the punchiness and impact of the bass slam.
                Vocal is a little bit forward for me. For sure, Mid is not congested in Deca with a stock cable. (I feel that Roxanne without proper 3rd party cable sounds congested in Mid) It sounds very open and clear.
                Treble is not harsh in Deca. I find it smooth and non-fatigue with a very high precision and detail.
    Deca vs Roxanne
                Both of them sound similar but Deca has a better dynamic presentation of the sound. They both have similar size of soundstage. Bass in Roxanne has more rumble and punches due to its adjustability. Deca mid is more forward than Roxanne. This makes vocal songs sound better in Deca.
    Final Thought
                Due to a better dynamic presentation of the sound in Deca, I prefer to use Deca for Jazz, Classic, and Piano songs. However, I prefer Roxanne over Deca for Pop, Rock songs. This doesn’t mean Deca doesn’t shine when it comes to Pop and Rock songs. Deca is still good with those songs. Lastly, I would say Deca is one of the best sounding IEM that I’ve ever heard. It could be one of the end-game IEM for you.
    Sound 5/5
    Value 5/5 with the introduction promo || 4.5/5 for full price
    Build 5/5
    Aesthetic 4/5 (Should have more color chart and design shown on the website)
    RWAK240, Perfect Seal Deac with Effect Audio Heracles 2pin, JH Roxanne with Effect Audio Heracles 4pin with bass adjuster.
    ****Hope you guys enjoy my first review****
    I welcome all feedback that you guys might have for my review. Feedbacks will help me improve how I write my review.
  5. natejlong
    Anyone have any opinions on the Fusion 11? headphonelist had a pretty high recommendation of them and I was wondering how they stacked up vs. something like 64 Audio's A6 or A10.
    Also, does anyone know how to get in touch with Mike or anyone at Perfect Seal? They haven't responded to emails via their contact form or phone calls.
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    Awesome to read more perfect seal model reviews. More opinions are very useful.

    Mike is also on this thread, try sending him a PM. I think he travels a lot, so keep trying.

    The U10 I owned didn't have much top end sparkle. It was very downward sloping in FR with very rich and full bass. The F11 can match that bass or have less, depending on the changeable vent used. The F11 will also have much great treble response and air compared to the U10. Unlike HPL, at its lowest bass setting, I still found the F11 V shaped.
  7. bvng3540

    Did you get back you Layla yet?
  8. ironpeg
    Not yet. Waiting for it.
  9. raptaugust

    Thanks for the input! That comparison is very helpful. Mike also got in touch with me, thanks for the suggestion.
  10. raptaugust
    Anyone know how far the Fusion 11 protrudes from your ear? Would it be possible to sleep on it?
  11. shotgunshane Contributor
    That I can't recall. The custom is going to fit more snug than the demo anyway. The issue will be the vents on the faceplate. The side you lay on will probably loose bass, since I would assume the vent gets blocked by a pillow. Just a guess though. A sealed iem is probably better for sleeping.
  12. DWbirdseye
    I spoke to Mike yesterday and we had a lengthy conversation - good guy and he answered my questions. I'm getting ear impressions on Friday - super pumped!
  13. flinkenick
    Which model did you decide on?
  14. DWbirdseye
    I decided on the Deca. We talked about the AR6 vs. Deca and at the conclusion of our discussion I asked him which of the 2 more faithfully reproduced his recorded music and he said the Deca.
    We also discussed daps and he too uses the Ibasso DX90. I also have both the DX100. So other than using his ears to listen to music I feel like I was able to minimize some of the key variables. By the way, I've spent hours reading reviews, most of which were yours, thanks for that! And a big thank you to ShotGunShane for taking the time to answer all of my question. Now I have to pick a color. 
  15. flinkenick
    Thanks man, appreciate that :) Both the AR6 and Deca are great choices. Don't know if Mike mentioned it to you, but he can do custom swirls with any color combo you like. I'd like to try a black/white/red one in the future.
    And yes SGS is a great asset to this community, he patiently answered a lot of my questions a year back when I was deciding between Apollo and Zeus!
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