PENON Vortex IEM & Epro EP00 Horn Silicone Eartips
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Oct 29, 2020
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PENON Vortex​

Single Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm + EPRO Horn Silicone Eartips Audiophile In-Ear Earphone IEMs​


The PENON VORTEX, is a product of the PENON brand in collaboration with EPRO Audio,the EPRO EP00.
EPRO Audio is known for their patented horn silicone eartips .


  • Resin shell, lightweight and comfortable
  • Handmade, solid and durable
Driver characteristics:
  • DLC diamond-like carbon fiber material, the molecular structure is similar to diamond, the resolution and transmission details are precise and neat, clear and natural. Similar to beryllium metal used in aerospace research and high-end speakers, it is a light metal, and the density of DLC diamond-like carbon is comparable to that of metal beryllium. The ideal diaphragm needs to have the characteristics of light weight, proper damping, and small divided vibration. The key point is that the forward and backward delays of the vibration should be just right: vibrate immediately when a signal is received, and stop in time when the signal disappears. Diamond-like carbon achieves a perfect balance in terms of sound conduction velocity and internal impedance, that is, it has ideal performance on forward and backward delay , ultra-high sensitivity and excellent transient response, which can accurately restore sound.

  • Brand: Penon
  • Model:Vortex
  • Driver: 10mm strong magnetic DLC diamond-like fiber diaphragm
  • Input Sensitivity: 108dB SPL/mW
  • Frequency response range: 10Hz-35kHz
  • Impedance: 24Ω±15%(@1kHz)
  • THD: ≤1%@1kHz
  • Connecter: 2pin 0.78mm
  • Plug: 3.5mm audio, 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced
  • Cable length: 1.2m


ePro EP00 Patented Horn-Shaped Eartips​


The patented horn-shaped eartips combine the innovative material and physical technology.

Innovative material

  • The ear tips use silicone materials composed of graphene to enhance the specific timbre. Increase the sound quality and elastic extensions.
Wearing comfort
  • Offer long time wearing with better isolation and without pressure compared with regular silicone and foam ear tips.
Quality sound
  • The patented horn-shaped nozzle makes the sound more clearly.
  • Adopt innovative materials and patented technologies for nozzle shape to minimize the loss of sound through transmission, increase the sound quality and authentically demonstrate the advantages of earphones and devices.
  • Sound waves are resonated within the horn-shaped eartips and spread out to amplify the voice.

  • Model: EP00
  • Available sizes: S, M, L,
  • Inner nozzle diameter: 3.7mm
  • Fit for catheter diameter 3.9mm-5mm earphones
Outer diameters:
  • S size: 9.9mm
  • M size: 12.3mm
  • L size: 14.3mm

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look nice.
gotta love DLC DD....hum, and exotic horn eartips too i guess (it make me think a bit of KZ Starline reversed mod eartips)
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The Vortex landed...and she has immediately caught me in her spin!

I'm confident that this is a new level of Penon refinement in tuning and implementation. Penon have reached much closer to a balanced musical presentation than before and the driver they picked is highly resolving and responsive producing an authentic instrumental timbre. I'm actually surprised what they've done in the low end here as it's definitely a diversion from all my other Penon sets, i.e. it's less pronounced, offering a lighter low end for better resolution and arguably a more natural tonality while not losing musicality. My concerns about the anti-sibilance cut (and its effects on harmonics) were unfounded as was the worry about midrange presence and treble detail. This can retrieve all the microdetail that a track has to offer with very good clarity and notes 'pop' from the background. This is exactly the direction I wanted Penon to go. As for shout and sibilance, I'm not having any issues but this is a brighter listen than previous outings. On the technical front stage depth, layering and positional imaging is great. Stage width is narrower than my current daily driver (the Vernus) with vocals sitting quite central but I can easily adjust to this. As @Dsnuts notes the image is quite tall and dramatic which helps keep things fun and the stage depth adds great dimension to all of this. The ePro horns fit like a glove to the tonal profile opening up the top end and enhancing the low end. The longer stem of the EP00 also helps achieve deeper insertion and good seal.

Penon have been brave with this set as I do think it's a tuning diversion in the low end that benefits some listeners (myself included) but might not impress others that need their head rumbled. In making this change in the low end however they've opened up so much detail (both instrumental and synthetic) that really capitalises on the driver they have used.

This easily competes at the asking price and above, there's no doubt. I've seen similar levels of refinement and thoughtful execution in $400-500 dollar sets.
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I received the Vortex yesterday and am ready to share some early impressions (obviously pre-burn). First of all, this is easily best treble I have yet heard from a Penon Audio IEM for sure. It's very well extended, sparkly and clear but without any offensive brightness. It's also clear that the dynamic driver they are using is highly resolving, with a nice sharp attack and lots of texture from top to bottom. In fact this may be the best resolving single dynamic I have ever heard (and I've heard many of the big hitters up to the $600 price point). There is also very good staging and imaging on the Vortex, and even an adequate amount of depth which is quite rare for single-DDs in my experience (especially in this price range).

Out of box my only complaint was that the upper bass came across as a bit bloated on certain mixes, but when I got around to popping the ePro Horn tips on today the problem cleared itself up very nicely.


I believe I was the first to discover the remarkable synergy the ePro EP00 tips have with Penon IEMs when I tried them on the Globe last year, and noted increased soundstage, a more natural transition between the bass and the mids, and especially a richer, wetter instrumental timbre. Whereas now with the Vortex I don't notice as much soundstage improvement since the stage is already so good, but the more organic and better balanced segue between the bass and the mids is certainly present, as well as the enhancements to the timbre. The longer stems, often a problem for me on other IEMs, actually helped me with the fit of the Vortex quite a bit given the extremely small shell size.

Very early days of course but my impressions are that these are definitely the set for those looking for a more technical version of the Serial (crazy given that it's 1/3rd of the driver count, but there it is). It doesn't have quite the full-bodied atmospheric musicality of the Serial, but makes up for it with much better resolution, clarity, openness, and treble tuning. I believe @Dsnuts said that the Serial was the closest Penon will likely get to a neutral tuning; for my part, I will say that the Vortex is probably the closest that Penon will get to an analytical tuning, and it's a testament to the Vortex' tonality that very few people will find any lack of musicality even so.

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@KutuzovGambit, my experiences with the ePro EP00 and the Penon Globe are very much in line with your impressions. I've found that the EP00s detract a little from the warmth and accentuate the details thanks to the openness of the treble. The stage feels expanded, perhaps thanks to the shape of the core, which is narrow at the base and widens at the exit, forming a smooth, rounded opening.
I've always believed that narrow cores favour the bass, but this open conical shape, combined with the softness and elasticity of the material, enhance the transparency of the mids and I find a superior proximity of this range, thanks to the fact that the details have also been enhanced. The result has a direct effect on recreating a more open stage, which gains in depth and alternates voices, instruments and details in a superior multiplicity of planes.
Great combination ePro EP00 + Penon Globe.

Penon Globe 8.jpgPenon Globe 3.jpg
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