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  1. TwinQY
    Long time no see, SO :)

    I noticed that Atsu (cool-japan) had gotten in a bunch more Kobe inks listed in his store, including #7, Kaikyo Blue. I was about to get it, up until I thought to ask him if he had any #51, Kano-cho Midnight (as it was not listed on the page). He claimed he'd probably get some next month, so I had planned to wait until then so I can save on shipping while getting both. Unfortunately no more #7s left. I'm a bit more taken with #51 at the moment, so it's not a big deal. There are still a couple of greens left that are very enticing (#15, #37), but might overlap too much with some of my existing stash.
  2. Silent One
    Good to see you around. Will have a look at your suggestions above. I frequently write with the Lady Shikibu ink, as it's Purple with a hint of Blue. Did so especially today in a nod to Prince. 
  3. pigmode
    Went way crazy but have settled on set of 6 pens. This including a cheap Indian Ranga 2C, from eBay that I don't count.
    Same with headphones, I was never comfortable with too many units. Better to have settled on one, maybe two sound signatures and go to town on that.
    I'll probably end up with 4-5 pens. Love the compactness of the 140 ef with permanent inks. 
    Pelikan 140 ef
    Pelikan 400nn ef
    Pelikan 400 om
    Falcon Spencerian
    Falcon ef
    Desiderata Ebonite 
  4. TwinQY
    This fell out of my subscription feed somehow...[​IMG] Anyways, good to see you too. Sailor Shigure (時 - and it's Purple!) might have been even more apt.
    I got my #51 in today. Rather than a typical BB, it's more of a rich, dark blue, without any teal undertones. With a wetter nib, it turn into a deep, almost-black with this wicked green sheen. Spectacular either way. I can see why people are so enamoured over what felt like "yet another FOTM BB".
    On Tomoe River, with a moderately-flowing Japanese fine.
    I couldn't capture the sheen very well. Just to give you an idea (sourced from FPN)...
    The best part is, it doesn't even smell. Well, for a Sailor ink. The phenol smell is one of the least pronounced out of the bunch. Could just be this particular batch (04/20/2016).

    Some new(er) Kobes:
    #55, Nankinmachi Fortune Red.
    From this picture, it looked an awful lot like a lighter Diamine Wild Strawberry, but pictures at other angles seem to show it as even less saturated than the Diamine, but with a high level of gold sheen. I noticed this one going up on Atsu's store, and disappearing after what must have been a day or two later.
    #56, が六甲シチダンカ (Rokko Shichidanka)
    #57, 神戸ヒメアジサイ (Kobe hime-ajisai)
    I understand that Western inkophiles are less enthused about pastel-y colours than the East Asian ink communities. I can see the appeal with both of these, personally. #56 looks like a more purple Nioi-Sumire - so it'd be easier for me to hold off on that one. I don't really have a colour like #57 in the arsenal, but I don't see it as a good fit for writing; for drawing, definitely.

    I've also been interested in these Tag Kyoto branch inks. There's the Kyo-iro line, and then there's the Kyo no Oto line. The thread on FPN details the differences. Pretty accessible when it comes to Japanese-market inks (I'm talking about you, LE jewel-bottled Sailors going for $200+ on f-ing Taobao!). Runs about ~30 CAD after shipping from Rakuten Global.
    I've noticed some people have likened them to a Japanese J.Herbin of sorts, due to both lines being made from natural plant dyes. Like Herbins, some of their offerings seem to run on the watery/unsaturated side. I really like that look - there are already plenty of super-saturated inks out there. And like Herbin, their black does not seem to be watery at all. Vis's review has got me putting the 'no 1 - Nurebairo' on the top of my want list.

    Love a black with ample sheen.
    I'm also pretty into the "soft snow of ohara" from the Kyo-iro line.
    kyoiro-ohara.jpg 47FFC81D-96C5-4E61-AC6E-DD357A42F8D2_zpsddiuga8m.jpg
    Nice muted purple with plenty of blue (but not quite a blurple yet).
  5. ricksome Contributor
    This fell out of my subscription feed somehow...
    You should be glad ... Look at all the money you saved ... LOL
  6. Silent One
    Very nicely presented, TwinQY
  7. TwinQY
    Think of all the cat food I could have bought!
    It's true, S.O., you are the sound of one hand clapping...[​IMG]

    I just wanted to add, for Kobe #51, it seems that the black component is a bit more apparent on Rhodia and cheaper papers. So from a distance, it gives the impression of being slightly tealer than it really should. And on Tomoe, with a drier pen, the lighter parts of shading looks a bit grey. At its lightest, it still manages to give off the vibe of a more saturated Shin-kai. I love it.
    Another ink that looks similar in swatches online, but sans shading and sheen, and a bit more on the greener scale (by a smidgen), is Diamine's 1864 Blue Black. I say this because like #51, when it's laid down with a really wet nib, it's almost black.
    I am just loving this colour. I normally don't buy extra bottles before finishing a particular colour, but I might have to for this one. It's climbed to the top of my BB list. I'm not going to say it's #1 just yet, but it probably will be in all likelihood. I've written more in my planner than I have over all of last week. In fact, I'm filling in some of the empty pages in my Hobonichi with doodles as we speak. It's the green sheen, and the lubrication, and the flow, and the perfect balance of colour. The colour does not keep or play perfectly with bad paper, but when you are like me and mainly have these things for personal usage, you have the luxury of choosing your paper. For me, that has been consistently Tomoe River.
    Remaining Kobes left on the want list are:
    - #14 Maya Lapis: there are many other PPS-alikes, but this one has probably the best sheen, and just enough violet in the mix.
    - #25 Tarumi Apricot: never got to stock up on Apricot before their discontinuation, have been out of the loop so no idea where to find a place to get Kin-Mokusei via a forwarding service. Even considering the slight difference between Onago-day Honey, Apricot, Kin-Mokusei, and Tarumi Apricot, there are no oranges outside of the Sailor bunch that, to me, nails the tone and the amount of shading that gives these the fruity punch that they do.
    - *#7 Kaikyo Blue*: this is what I originally wanted to grab instead of #51, seems like it's literally a lighter version of it, but with red sheen instead of green. Would still like to get it (for the red sheen), but I haven't tried diluting #51 in a load, maybe I won't miss it then.
    A comparison (ripped from Vis' review on FPN):
    ArG94i.jpg 135c7B.jpg
    - One of the greens. It's been a toss between #1, #15, #19, #28/34, #49. #28/34 seem a bit too close to Tokiwa-Matsu, from Saskia's pictures on FPN. If you were to ask me a year ago, I might have answered with #35 instead (actually, that's still up for debate; I might also have an alternative for this one, see below), due to my love for "purer" greens. The ultimate goal is to find something different enough from Tokiwa-Matsu, that still captures the "tea-y-ness", if that make sense.
    - #32 Tamon Purple Grey: this doesn't overlap with Shigure too much, and I don't have any Poussiere de Lune left anymore either.
    - #8 Arima Amber: oh, baby.......[​IMG]
    I've been also thinking about getting Tekkor inks that match the hex codes for #25 and #35. Vis' reviews has hex codes that match fairly well, and the parts of his reviews using Tomoe seems to match fairly well with what I see on a personal basis IRL. I don't mind losing sheen with those colours (which is why I'm not planning on matching #14; though I might get a Tekkor equivalent in the future, I'll be getting #14 regardless, all for that lovely sheen). From what I've read on the Tekkors that people have received, the performance is wonderful and problem-free, so that puts a couple of worries to bed. And the price per mL is great. Will have to find a forwarder/friend from the US though, shipping seems to be US-only right now.
    The Kobes I've left out, are still very nice and unique colours in that typical Sailor way, it's just that I have to be more selective when one bottle runs for just under 40 CAD shipped. Especially considering that I had just managed to get 5x 30mL bottles for that exact price yesterday. A lot of this brings up the question of whether the money and effort people put into imported inks is worth it. To be fair, the price does not make these more "premium" inks in anyways. In japan, they go for a similar price to many of the other offerings around - it's just that we have to bear the cost of importing, and in the case of Iroshizukus, the difference in pricing between markets. The part of this question that have to do with the economics of value, demand, have been addressed by others in a far more eloquent manner than I would ever have time, energy, or talent to match. Ultimately, if you can maximize your enjoyment from what you buy, in a responsible manner, who is to say what you do is wrong in any way? This applies to hobbies, love, and life in general. For me, getting a bottle a month has become a nice ritual, something to look forward to, without going overboard. If you enjoy what they do for you, you should get them if you can afford it. I still feel the sting in my wallet, but I doubt I will be in a position where I become a hoarder with these, and that is enough for me.

    As long as I'm pumping out this self-indulgent schiit, I might as well get into a seperate topic that's been swimming in my head. Iroshizuku inks. Everyone seems to like them. I'm not sure why I don't have any at the moment, apart from Kosomosu. I like them, and I advocate for them, but I don't have more than one bottle? How did that work out? Like R&K inks, I like the palette of colours as a whole, they are very clean, not murky (like how I find some Noodlers colours, and a couple of other brands to be), and I like the ink properties (flows like water, nice saturation), and I like the bottles, both the 50mL and the 15mL. I think it is due to: other inks already in my arsenal, or are more accessible to buy, that have prevented me from getting these; the individual colours not being as enticing as the idea of them altogether as a collective. Here's a list of each of the Iros and how I've justified not getting a bottle of the respective colour (as of yet). A couple of these I've based my opinon on usage from samples, most others from swabs IRL (thanks to our local shop, Vancouver Pen Shop), and have supplemented everything by viewing swabs and photos online (to jog my memory).
    - Asa-gao: This seems like a nice deep blue, in the line of PPS, that many seem to enjoy as their favourite Iro. I find that Kobe #14 is a bit more interesting, with a strong purple component, slightly higher saturation, and more sheen. Previous, Omas Blue got the trick done for me, but I don't have any left. This is the problem I ultimately have with Iro as a whole. The colours are solid, but perhaps a bit too simplistic compared to Sailors.
    - Aji-sai: More of a soft, duskier blurple. I could have gotten Bleu Myotisis if I had wanted a similar colour. But in the end, when it came to blurples, I like something a tad brighter and purpler, like Nioi-Sumire. It makes Aji-sai look boring by comparison.
    - Tsuyu-kusa: This is one Iro that does not get as much love by others, compared to the rest of the line, but I happen to really enjoy clear blues like this. Unforunately, it would overlap too much with what I use Serenity Blue for.
    - Kon-peki: Everyone's cerulean darling - I just happen to like Souten more. Still a pure cerulean, but the sheen is more interesting, and performance as well (nice and lubricated).
    - Tsuki-yo: Was the "blue-black" in the line before Shin-kai. Too much teal in a dark blue for me. The thread on FPN of the fellow emptying a bottle of this over time is very amusing though (or was it Ku-Jaku...?).
    - Ku-Jaku: Teal! It's the same reason I didn't get Yama-dori though - too bright. And this one doesn't even sheen as much!
    - Syo-ro: A bit too much teal (blue) for a green in theory, but looks great IRL. Hmm. This one almost gets there.
    - Shin-ryoku: A boring green by other's standards, but I like it in terms of the colour and how it fits in between other greens. This was another one I ended up considering for the longest time. If it had more yellow in it in practice...
    - Kiri-same: I don't like greys.
    - Fuyu-syogun: I don't like greys, but this seems slightly different, and would likely shine in finer nibs, as I've found from similar grey-blues. But I probably wouldn't use enough to justify a full bottle (I could say that with many inks, but I doubt I'd get past 5mL of this).
    - Yama-budo: Grapey purple. A bit too red in practice. If I am in the mood for redder purples, I'll either go for one of the more similar Diamines, or make a mix that matches (but with less red).
    - Tsutsuji: Magenta. Seems too bright for me. With pinks, I like less of a magenta and more of a peachier colour.
    - Momiji: A redder pink. A bit off IRL, compared to the swabs you see online. This one was hard to pin down in terms of why I didn't like it, but I didn't. Maybe it will grow on me.
    - Yu-yake: I have been sorely missing a solid orange for the past while. For the longest time, I had really wanted an orange, then got a bottle of Orange Indien, and was fairly content (though it could have been more red). When I moved to Tomoe River, it started working less and less for me in terms of colour. This one reminds me a bit too much of Orange Indien. For my next orange (the colour being on top of my list), I would like something more in between this and the next Iro orange - like Apricot! Which leads to...
    - Fuyu-gaki: Too red. Know it's a bit of a shader, but still, too red. I like persimmons...
    - Tsukushi: Browns are a funny thing for me. I love them, but my decision process is often to ask myself whether a particular brown can match up to Waterman Absolute Brown, and whether it would be worth it to lose the performance of Absolute Brown over it. The only browns I've ended up keeping are the Waterman, and Cacao du Bresil (which I use primarily for sketching; I couldn't go through it any faster, I've given up other inks outside of FP inks for it, and I might even look for an alternative since Herbin doesn't sell 100mL bottles of it). Tsukushi lies too much in the Absolute Brown range, and additionally, does not seem to have that lovely red sheen the Waterman has.
    - Yama-guri: Mmmh. A darker brown. But Doyou seems darker still, and, as others have put it, it acts as a "lacative" of sorts, for staining, etc. With such multifunctional capabilities....
    - Kosomosu: Peachy, blossom pink. I have it!
    - Murasaki-Shikibu: A deep purple. When it comes to purples like these, I rather dislike it when they are as straighforward as this one. Either something a little darker (like Shigure), or redder, would have been preferable.
    - Chiku-rin: A soft yellow-green. I like the colour, but would probably not use it enough to justify it. Kobe #43, Gakuen Toshi Fresh Green, seems like a more interesting version to me as well.
    - Ina-ho: I really like the colour of this one, but again, see Chiku-rin. This would be the one I would come closest to getting though.
    - Shin-kai: This one bothered me for a while, and not in a good way. People love it. When it comes to blue-blacks though, while I do like the lack of teal, this one also has a grey component. If I wanted one with a grey component, I would have gone with something lighter and more blue, like Bleu Nuit, a favourite of mine. Or I would have gotten darker with Kobe #7. In fact, maybe I will? Sometimes it shows a bit of purple, depending on the pen. Why not Tanzinite then? And to top it off, there is good ol' Pilot BB, which is slightly bluer, but more interesting as a colour altogether (and is so cheap, and is waterproof.........????). In short, there are so many things that does something slightly better, or is similar "normal" looking as BB, but ends up doing an even better job at that.
    - Take-Sumi: It's a nice black, but if it doesn't sheen, I already have Perle Noire (and a barely-used bottle of Aurora Black) for black usage.
    - Ama-Iro: Sky blue (literally, that's its name). I might have liked this in the past (especially since it doesn't have much green in it), but not so much these days. I already have options for this colours for sketching purposes.
    In short, ones I had considered the most: Ina-ho, Syo-ro, Shin-Ryoku, Chiku-rin. All greens. Huh.
  8. Silent One
    Re : : :
    Murasaki Shikibu

    Deep Purple? Interesting. No change under different lighting? While I love purple proper, that hint of blue makes the ink exciting in my eyes.
  9. TwinQY
    To me it is right along the line of a "middle-of-the-road" purple, maybe a tinge towards the red side (rather than blue), but not enough to be adequately interesting/complex. Could have been more interesting if it were more heavily saturated. And more red, like the new Lamy Dark Lilac. If it were less saturated, but more blue, I would have liked it more as well.
    This picture of Murasaki-shikibu is very close to how I saw it (seems to be on Tomoe as well).
    If it had been a bit darker and bluer like Shigure...
    Last picture mine, off a empty page in the Hobonichi, very overcast today :frowning2:
    I would think Violette Pensee lovers would have been all over this, so I can understand the appeal for others. Still hard to believe they make 100mL bottles for Pensee, but not Cacao.....
    But I do like the name :)
  10. TwinQY
    Oh, and KWZ inks...
    Interested in Mandarin (#82 in the picture), IG Green #3 (#76 in the picture), Honey, and Grey Plum. Will most likely get Mandarin and Grey Plum for next month's ink. Looked at all of the IG Blues offered, and they were all too enticing, so I decided to give up on those. After Kobe #51, would I really need any other BBs (the answer would still be "probably", but with a bit more hesitation than before). Green Gold 2, Grapefruit, and IG Gummiberry, ain't too shabby either.
  11. Silent One
    @ TwinQY
    I for one, am very pleased that my fav shade is not tilting anymore toward the bluer side. That hint of blue is just enough...elegantly :wink: so.

    For my everyday blue I use the Ajisai. I really only have multiple bottles of those two (Purple; Blue). Guess I need to get out more, yeah? :D
    Money is in the way at this time but may get adventurous this summer. Jus saw Pilot now has a Bamboo Charcoal that looks interesting
    to me. But at nearly $50, this could take awhile.
  12. TwinQY
    I think like many things, context (lighting and paper), is key. It's a real PITA to find pictures of inks online that matches well with one's usage conditions. I found gylyf's reviews on FPN to be the closest in terms of how I see inks IRL. Drab lighting similar to what I'm under most of the time, not using some thick 1.5mm italic (difficult to relate to those reviews), includes angled shots for catching sheen, and typically on Tomoe River.
    As an aside on paper, I'm finding Rhodia to be a bit more prone to feathering/toothiness these days, the coating just seems less smooth...? Based upon a couple of newer No. 12 pads and a blank No. 16, bought separately. The only difference I've noticed is that the newer Rhodias now have the PEVC cert in the back.
    Bamboo Charcoal...Take-sumi? If so, $50 (I assume USD) on one Iro sounds excessively painful. Even in Canada, our local brick-and-mortars sell them for ~40CAD + tax (though I haven't checked in a while, the last time had still been after the CAD drop).
  13. Pudu
    Take-sumi is, by far, my favourite black.

    But $50 is excessive. If it is really take-sumi 竹 炭 you mean then it's easily had for about half that.

  14. TwinQY
    Sometimes for even less, if you don't mind taking chances.
    To be fair, I would still buy from Goulet/Anderson/co. Just putting this out there.
  15. TwinQY
    From the Nagasawa Kobe website.
    Should have pointed out that, on the day I posted this....I bought two more bottles of Kobe. [​IMG] 
    Should also add that, Nagasawa Kobe also has a shop over on Rakuten, and I had noticed sometime last week that the listings for their red/oranges, blues, and greens had gone back up. For a while, it looked like they only had the browns listed. Well, I say this now, but most of the blues and greens seem to be out of stock already...
    Keep in mind that all of the edit: store-exclusive/limited edition Sailor inks are mixed by one person, Osamu Ishimaru. Stuff runs out of stock quickly. For instance, the line of Kingdom Note inks seems to be completely sold out for the moment.
    Meanwhile, enjoy this postcard with a map detailing all of the Kobe inks and the locations in Kobe that had inspired each of the respective colours.

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