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PASS DIY Headphone Amp - WHAMMY

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  1. JamieMcC
    The Vitamin Q's were very enjoyable but its going to be the Teflons for me. It would be neat to build this with the added function of being able to have selectable capacitors you could have a lot of fun with it. The Vitamin Q's have quiet a beguiling effect and reminded me of the MHDT Constantine NOS DAC I once owned.

    Just for giggles and a bit of curiosity I took the Duelund Cast coppers out of my phono stage and tried them in the Whammy a silly thing to do really as unfortunately it sounds mighty fine. Luckily they are two big to fit and get the lid back on and they will have to go back in the Eros later this evening or then again maybe they can stay in till tomorrow....

  2. Paladin79
    How are you liking the sound in general? I think they are an amazing amp and I prefer tubes lol.
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  3. JamieMcC
    Tom I like it a lot with the Burson V6 classics and Teflons, depending on what I'm listening to I could probably be fooled into thinking I was listening to my BH Mainline the general presentation is quiet similar.
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  4. JamieMcC
    Ok after checking on the Diyaudio site my dc offsets on C1 & C5 were considered low enough to remove the capacitors and replace them with jumpers.

    No cap is better than Duelund Cast Copper cap!
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  5. dweekie
    Wow, it's been a while since I've built anything, but all those caps you have bring back memories. I think the Whammy is in my very near future. I still have boxes of russian teflons (that I recased) and oil caps laying around. Those AmpOhms were some of my absolute favorites back in the day as well. I never got along with the Vitamin Q's though. Guess I'll be creating a bom soon! Thanks for sharing.
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  6. Andrew LB
    Every time i check, the whammy boards are out of stock. Anyone know if they're doing additional runs on them? I think it would be a great project, you guys have put together some very nice amps in this thread.

    Im also digging those schiit coaster builds. I bet i could turn sweet enclosure for one on my wood lathe. Or even just a nice base to mount it to where a clear bubble would go over the amp.
  7. JamieMcC
    I think it was mentioned on the diyaudio site that they do have more Whammy boards and they will be available again soon, so keep checking.
  8. JamieMcC
    Found a good deal on a used Burson V6 Vivid last week, its a nice match with my Audioquest Nighthawks but I do prefer the V6 Classic especially with the hd800 and Oppo pm3's
  9. imran27
    Quick question about WHAMMY:

    Which one is preferable?
    - AMB CK²Ⅲ
    - AMB ß22 (2-ch, passive GND) + σ22

    Ignoring the build complications, only focusing on SQ and functionality
  10. imran27
    Any comparisons of WHAMMY to Gilmore Lite mk2?
  11. Allanmarcus
    Hey, can you send me (or post) a link to the case you used. I found IAG on eBay, but I cannot find the case you used.

    A buddy of mine built a couple of these and loaned me one. I've been listening this morning to it and to my Mainline. Damn, the Whammy is really good! There is certain solid state hardness to the vocals, which is just the opposite of the slight softness to the vocals on the Mainline, but it's tiny (to me). Maybe just a tiny bit more emotion comes through on the Mainline (man, that's hard to describe), but the Whammy is very impressive. On some songs I cannot tell the difference between the amps. On some songs I cannot identify it, but I prefer the Mainline.

    I may be hooked and now I'm looking for the just the right case :)
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  12. HiGHFLYiN9
    That's him, you can contact him directly at atkinson [dot] horace [at] gmail [dot] com

    He custom made me the chassis, just send him the dimensions you'd like and let him know you'd like the polished look (cost a bit more). Last I chatted with him he was running a little behind on orders due to his popularity, but the wait is really worth it. I was trying to find the dimensions I used in my email but I've had him build me 4 chassis over the past couple of years and I can't recall which is which. The height is by default 2.75 IIRC.
  13. Allanmarcus
    Thanks. I contacted him via email at the time I posted here this morning. He already replied! I gave him the pic you posted open the first page of this thread and he replied:
    So, if you had to do it over again, would you prefer the case to be bigger or smaller? seems 10" deep might be tight between the transformer and the IEC socket.
  14. HiGHFLYiN9
    It's a little tight. If you want to play around more with the input caps, add a pilot light, and swap around the op-amp, the extra inch couldn't hurt.
  15. Allanmarcus
    Thanks. I've heard "the extra inch" couldn't hurt all my life from various sources, but I've also heard size doesn't matter :)

    It appears the hammond that many people use is 8.66 in x 6.50 in x 2.05 in. Yikes! That looks quite tight. 7.25w x 10d x 3h certainly sounds better.

    I asked Horace about how much it would cost to make it a little bigger and am awaiting a response. I will likely just make it "stock" from the diyAudio parts kit, and possibly play with opamps.

    Update: After looking at the pics you posted again, I think there is plenty of room in there. Thanks for the pics!

    I saw your LED diagram on another headphone site. What LED did you use?

    Also, when you wired the 4-pin XLR jack, did you do any fancy, or did you just jump the R and L from the other jack, and split the ground into the XLR?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2018
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