Ottawa Regional meet - September 2015 - respond here
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Just do it :sunglasses:

I second this motion

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The Halls are quite expensive I think, $395, plus they don't let us bring in any food or drink. I think the idea of a Library rental was mentioned so I will inquire about that tomorrow. The condo room may still be available and Dan has replied to my e-mail so there may be news on that by Wednesday. My work place won't be available this time around sadly. We will have a spot figured out by this weekend so not to worry.
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If we go with an Ottawa Public Library room, we can get 4 hours for $75 and some of them can hold up to 189 people.
I think this would be a good route to look down.
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The Centerpointe/Nepean one is $77, and can fit 40 people.
It's also pretty big and has free parking and is right next to baseline station which is incredibly easy to get to.
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I like these suggestions, but can we find a more central one? It still is a long bus ride with transfers for people to get to Nepean, not to mention Sunday bus schedules. What about the downtown library branch? As well, right across the street from my work is a library branch and we rent their meeting room every month for a staff meeting (yes that makes me want to start cutting again). That room is a decent size, but I guess for the pure bus crowd it still requires a transfer from Laurier Station or the Rideau Centre. So do we still favour a downtown, or at least central location? There is also a library branch right near Sunnyside Avenue which has both the 7 and number 1 routes go past it. I say we just firm up a library spot and be done with it. Let me know your thoughts.
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I personally don't really care about the location but I do think the library idea will be the most cost effective.
The key reason I brought up the one in Centerpoint is because it has free parking and I know my friend and I will get to this event by car (though I don't know if others will).
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I am currently waiting to hear back from the staff at the main library on Metcalfe street as that is the only location that rents space on Sundays. Hopefully I will have heard back from them soon.
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I'm glad to see that this is on it's way to actually happening.

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For sure, I have been procrastinating, but enough is enough, time to get this together.
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So I have put in a request for a nice room at the Greenboro Community Centre, Meeting Room A. It is nice and big, carpeted, clean plenty of table space. It was only available from 1pm onward so my request was for 1pm - 5pm. Is this location (South/Central) okay for people? There is parking and public transit so hopefully this works. Let me know what you think.
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Assuming the price is reasonable, (perhaps under $90), that seems great!
Based on the pictures online, it looks to be a fair bit nicer than some of the other options.
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^ I think it was $71? Hopefully they contact me soon, likely Monday. Glad you liked the look of the room as I did.

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