Ottawa Regional meet - September 2015 - respond here
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May 9, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Let's start this new thread with anybody who is interested in attending a late September meet responding here. As well, if I don't already have it, can you please PM me your non-head-fi contact information. When you do so, can you title your PM message September Meet Contact Info? This will make organizing things much easier.
I think a big feature of this meet will be that we will be one of the first meets to really put concerted effort into some well designed blind listening tests. We should also form an organization committee and actually get together an agenda and attendee list soon. It would be nice to see if we can't get a few vendors involved in sending us gear to make available for listening tests. For instance, there may be nobody with the new ZMF or Mr. Speakers headphones in attendance so perhaps these companies may be interested in sending demo units? The more people who attend, and the better organized the venue the more likely we are to be taken as seriously as we deserve.
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I will be looking into hall space at Nepean Sportsplex - they have a hall that has a 60 person capacity that would work nicely.
Or does anybody think more space would be required?
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Excellent, sounds great so far. Who would like be part of the organizing committee? I know Dan and myself, and it looks like ilovecables is in, is there anybody else? I don't think we need a large number of people, nor will it take up much time, but I think we should have an actual in person meeting before too long to start fleshing out what it is we hope to do with this meet. Ultimately my goal is to have an official CamJam Eastern Canada branded headphone meet held here in Ottawa as we are close to both Toronto and Montreal as well as other populated areas. If we try to host it in Toronto in the future, while on the surface that sounds great it makes it hard for people on the Quebec side to attend so my belief is that while the smaller of the three cities, Ottawa is almost central to the large populations. Anyway, that is a goal for 2017 in my mind.
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Ottawa needs a venue of some sort, there are already trade shows in Toronto (TAVES) and Montreal (FSI).
This may start out small, but could very well turn into something big in the future.
Shall we meet for coffee sometime next week?
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Sure, I could likely find some time for coffee and I'll bet Dan could as well. What time/days are typically good for you both?
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I'm in of course.
This time I will remember to bring music from my NAS on a USB stick as opposed to what I have on my laptop which is mostly just my DJ stuff.  I have a big assortment of my own high quality needledrops which make for great listening.  Lots and lots of Latin stuff (that's what I DJ) but also many of the recent awesome remastered re-issues of great recordings/material like Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall, Miles Davis, RCA "Living Stereo" classical stuff (Scheherazade, Pines of Rome etc..), Led Zeppelin and more.
Since a few people were interested at Dan's place I can also do a needledrop to DSD (TASCAM-DA3000 can record DSD128) and let people fool around with that on their equipment.  Probably do the Daft Punk - Random Access Memories album since it's supremely well recorded/pressed and nearly everyone is familiar with it.
As for gear if anyone has any of the following and can bring them I would love to get a bit of head time:
LCD-X, TH-900, HE1K, HD650 (newest revision), HD800, PM3,  DNA Stratus Amp (probably wishful thinking here :p)

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