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Oriolus Hybrid IEM

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  1. Ojisan
  2. E-norm
    So, for curiosity's sake, what would be some alternatives for a darker sounding IEM with similar great bass and vocal capabilities like the Oriolus?
  3. SeeSax
    I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the Oriolus Percivali. I loved the Reborn/mk2, loved basically everything Hyla has released (I own the TE-5B) and after a respected member posted a glowing review of the Percivali, it was time to make the leap. I've got it paired with a luxurious Labkable Pandora and the results are spectacular. It's a warm, musical IEM that has incredibly clean and powerful bass, crystal clear mids with a very natural tone and a thick treble response. I would say treble really is on the smooth side and perhaps the weakness for me is that it seems rolled off in the upper registers, but it creates a natural and easy listen without ever having harshness. I've been listening to these for a few days and will think about writing a review myself if time permits.


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  4. KPzypher
    How does it compare to TE5B? I love the low frequencies on TE5B so much, and after returning the Roland for many reasons, I almost pulled the trigger on these. The roll off feeling in the highs may be inherent to estats? Roland was the same way.
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  5. SeeSax
    Hi there - I want to say that the TE-5B has slightly elevated quantity of bass in comparison to the Percivali, but it's definitely a bass from the same DNA. They sound very similar in quality, texture, cleanliness and extension, it's just that the quantity is slightly subdued in the Percivali. I could definitely make a guess that it's the same dynamic driver. Mids are a little more forward and clear on the Percivali making vocals sound more realistic and alive for lack of a better word. The TE-5B has the better treble extension to my ears, but the Percivali has that famous thick and smooth treble sparkle.

    I owned/own two other estats, the Canary and another that I cannot mention yet, and yes that does seem to be the trend. Although I feel the Canary had more treble sparkle with better extension than the Percivali, but less smooth. The other IEM has estats that sound more like they extend further (it's not technically released yet and I've been asked not to disclose it).

    Hope that helps!

  6. duyanh43

    Are there any Carbon faceplate version out there that has Oriolus written on it, all images I've found are without the brand name.
  7. ranfan
    EE Vantage would be my recommended candidate
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  8. E-norm
    Vantage sounds like a very interesting proposition! I have to say though that the Reborns have been growing on me after a huge amount of tip rolling and probably some "brain burn-in" as well. For now I settled on the Final E tips as they sounded the most clear and also the most extended to me across the whole spectrum. I came from the Xelentos as my frame of reference and they have quite the low end boost which also contributed to me feeling the Oriolus were "thin" sounding- Thin probably isn't the correct term anyway, still a lot to learn when describing sound properly :)
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  9. duyanh43
    Don't know if anyone noticed, but the Reborn has a different nozzle apart from the better housing material
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  10. James Shoegazer
    Is anyone still using the first model Oriolus (Hybrid) ?
    Any significant changes or improvements in sound as compared with the newer V2 and the Reborn ?
  11. Hanesu
    Hi! I once side-by-side compared V2 with the first model Oriolus and found that V2 had slightly more bass and sounded a bit more dynamic and accentuated, while V1 was slightly more tuned towards flatter (of course relatively seen, because Oriolus is not a flat/neutral IEM by any means!).
    I personally prefered V2`s a little bit more accentuated sound, but it`s only a matter of taste. Differences are really not big, just small nuances...so I would not mind buying either if you generally like Oriolus` tuning direction!
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
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  12. James Shoegazer
    I guess I found myself liking the tuning, the soundstage width is rly immense and dimensional. Treble is more extended and clear as well, more so than my Chifi JQ 8ba+1dd which is smoother, more musical and warmer in comparison. A very nice complement. However I found the Oriolus v1 a tad shouty near the high-mid/low-treble area (as I perceived) and my eardrums felt the itch after sometime.

    Generally I found Oriolus v1 dynamics good (7/10), near neutral, dry sounding, quick paced, clarity to boast with just a smidgen of warmth in the bass. A truly exceptional 2ba 1dd hybrid. Not that much negative though except the sliggght brightness to my sensitive ears. This was paired with QP1R.
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  13. Infoseeker
    My Imr Rah can be described as such too.

    Also the Audeze lcd-i4 is so. It has very strong bass, but won't give air movement.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020 at 12:54 AM
  14. duyanh43
    Sony M9 is also very good if one wants a darker sounding Oriolus Gen 2, detail beast, just wish it has some more extension in the high freq.
  15. Hanesu
    Try Fidue Sirius. It basically sounds very similar to Oriolus, just with a slightly more rolled off treble.
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