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OPUS#3 Hi-Res Audio player w/wifi and streaming

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bengkia369, Mar 29, 2017.
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  1. Bengkia369
    Coming soon....

  2. justrest
    Is it real? If it is, it looks simply beautiful.
  3. Bengkia369
    It's real from Opus Facebook

  4. musicday
    When it lays flat the volume knob is touching the surface. Hopefully​ that's an OLED screen i see.
  5. jmills8
    If yes you can raise or lower the volume by spinning the unit left or right. Looks nice and you think of everything to ask.
  6. AndrewPL
    In leather case,do you still think it's beautiful? 
  7. kel77
    Looks much like AK300/320. Don't they have better designs. [​IMG] 
  8. musicday
    The more products the more questions to ask.The market is oversaturated and apart from couple companies i haven't seen any revolutionary design.
  9. San Man
    5 months later and a new model is coming out? I sense a lot of disgruntled consumers on the horizon
  10. kel77

    It's a lower end model compared to the Opus #2 so I am not sure if those having the Opus #2 would want to change to this.
    It seems to be using the old PCM1792A chip.
  11. Ike1985
    Looks cool, hopefully they'll be a demo tour.
  12. Bengkia369

    I will still using Opus flagship #2, this new model is meant between #1 and #2, so I see myself not getting a downgrade.
    I believe this model is more for those who don't have a high end dap but don't wanna spend so much for the flagship model or for those who wanna upgrade from their #1.

  13. qsk78
    To me this DAC is superior than 2 mobile sabre chips in #2 )
    Any idea of its connectivity features? Optical out? OTG? Need a good transport for my Vantam.
  14. Bengkia369

    Most important is the implementation, but I do believe using Burr Brown have warmer sound signature.
    Most probably, Opus #3 does not have OTG and more likely to have optical out like the #1 and #2.
  15. qsk78
    I have PCM1795 in my Vantam - can not call it warm (not even close to AKM warm sounding chips) but not that cold as majority of ESS chips) 
    You're right, implementation is the key!
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