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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. HirschiAUT
    You're welcome!

    I have no Idea what sources for cables you have but i think Mogami should be available pretty much anywhere.
    Here is the list of official distributors, maybe it helps.

    As i said for mobile use i would go with the smaller one.
    If you want to go a bit fancy and braid yourself, this is the wire i took for my braided cable.


    Its super flexible and easily enough for +2m lenght, depending on how tight or loose you braid.
    I braided pretty tight and its still very flexible.
    I guess thats bc it is somewhere between 25 and 26 AWG and has 112 cores while being only 1.1mm in diameter.

    Of course it costs ~10€ / meter (braided) while the Mogami should be around 3€ / meter, but for me the extra flexibility was worth it, although i did it mostly for the optics tbh :p
  2. wilsonlaidlaw
    Has anyone done a blindfolded back to back between the standard (as supplied by Oppo) 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and say something like this https://goo.gl/wtiyM9 My suspicion is that they would not be able to tell which is which. They might be able to tell a slightly different sound but not able to say one is better than the other. BTW some PM3's seem to use 2.5mm to 3.5mm cables with 2.5mm at the phones end, where as my PM3's use the same 3.5mm at both ends of its cables (I have just checked) .
  3. Fra D
    The 2.5mm connector is for balanced outputs. When buying a balanced 3.5mm to 2.5mm cable, you'll find both the 3.5mm and 2.5mm connector have 4 contacts, where 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables have 3 contacts on both connectors.
  4. wilsonlaidlaw
    Does that mean you could order the PM3 headphones (when obviously, they were still being made) with either a 3.5mm 3 contact socket for regular cables or a 2.5mm four contact socket for use with balanced cables? I do have one cable with a 3.5mm 4 contact plug on it but that is to use with a mobile phone, where the cable has a microphone in the middle. My Litz braid cable is on the way to me in France but I don't know where it is, as UK post tracking has been dead since Wednesday.
  5. Fra D
    There's only 3.5mm sockets on the PM-3's, they can handle 3.5mm 3 contacts and 3.5mm 4 contacts on that same socket. The other end of the cable, if balanced and thus with 2.5mm and 4 contacts, is standard for balanced-output devices. When using a 3.5mm 3 contacts to 3.5mm 4 contacts cable, the 4 contact one will be at the cellphone's end, as you mentioned for the in-cable mic, the headphone's end will be 3.5mm with 3 contacts.
    PM-3's are always sold with unbalanced cables only, you have to order a balanced 3.5mm to 2.5mm (4 contacts on both ends) separately. These only come without mic.
  6. wilsonlaidlaw
    As I really only use my PM3 phones with an HA2-SE DAC-Amp, which does not have balanced output, the 2.5mm 4 contact plug cable would not be relevant for me. The other time I use the phones is on long plane journeys. Sadly on most planes if you try to use the HA2-SE on the plane's audio system, it seems to amplify the noise more than the signal. You would have thought in this day and age, plane makers would have been able to filter what sounds like generator noise out of the PSU for their audio systems. I have the same problem on my three wheeler Morgan, where I have an intercom system using Peltor helicopter head sets, where you can in theory also plug in an iPod for music but the generator noise from the flywheel alternator on the S&S engine is awful. I have improved it slightly by changing the incredibly unreliable Cycle Electrics Co. rectifier/charge controller that S&S supply, for a Harley Davidson one.
  7. bcaulf17

    I'm just sincerely curious, but would anyone else be able to provide comparisons to the B&O H6? I bought the H6 over the Momentum 2, Meze 99, P7 and PM-3 because their sound description more closely matched what I was looking for, I thought. Plus, Oppo had just closed. I like the H6 but I'm simply tempted to buy a used pair of the PM-3 to compare to the H6 and to prevent regretting it if I want one in the future and their used prices go up (will they?) Might be worth it, but I'm wondering if the quality differences between these headphones are substantial. I know I've seen some people who prefer the H6 because their treble is more extended and have a better soundstage, the beauty of the PM-3 is its organic sound and midrange, based on what I've picked up from reviews. I feel like the H6 while they have great quality and treble aren't the most natural/organic, my only gripe with them. Still much better than the M50x and DT 770 (too bright!) I owned before.

    Yes, I'm still new to headphones, but I'm moving in the right direction :)
  8. PDC3
    Haven’t heard the H6 but would place my PM3 above the Meze 99 and P7. Consequently, since I had the PM3 earcups and band refreshed at factory, you wouldn’t pry them out of my hands for less than $600 plus shipping. Instead, I’d suggest you check out MrSpeakers Aeon, budget permitting. Or, NAD HP50 at a lower cost. If you do find PM3 at the old pricing, I’d urge you to save for an amp. They scale upwards beautifully.
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  9. bcaulf17
    I've actually already seen a couple (used) that cheaper than original price, so that's how my temptation set in lol. Yeah budget is a concern though, trying to keep it below $500. The "summit-fi" headphones are out of the question for me although I'd like to hear them someday. The HP50 I've seen compared to the H6, and was also an early consideration but the comfort and headband was a major concern for me. The H6 seemed to tick most of the boxes in my search. Getting a good deal on them sealed it. They're honestly pretty great and well liked but also probably a notch below the PM-3.

    Another option I've been playing around with was just getting an open back for home like the HD6xx or HE-500.
  10. PDC3
    I’d commend your thought of an open back for home. As you’re Massdrop savvy, if the HiFiMan 4xx comes back around, I highly recommend it. From your description of the H6 I’d guess the sound signature to be similar. That is, just a touch V-shaped compared to PM3. But with quite a bit wider soundstage. Sumptuous earcups. I like the overall comfort. After I give it the highest star on the value scale, that star turns neon and flashes.
    bcaulf17 likes this.
  11. bcaulf17
    Actually I was considering the HE-400/4xx if I ever got an open back but thought the HE-500 would be better. How does it compare to the HD650/6XX? I haven’t actually bought anything from Massdrop but they do have some good deals.
  12. PDC3
    Haven't had the pleasure of any of those. I own the Grado RS-1i, and would say the 4xx kicks Grado butt in the bass (and in comfort) without sacrificing too much anyway else, although the Grado sound is ethereally wonderful with strings and woodwinds.
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  13. PDC3
    And mind you, the Grado RS-1i is as expensive as the Aeon series.
  14. davidcotton
    So what options are available now if one wants a closed back portable that's not wireless and not too big to take anywhere? There's meze, but wondered what else? Tempted to get a second hand one but few around and no support if anything happens.
  15. wilsonlaidlaw
    The Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro closed back would be a safe choice. Always well made and you would not be disappointed. Not quite as dynamic sounding than the PM3 phones but probably a more even response. At a higher price point there are the Beyer T5P, which are very good indeed.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
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