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Oppo PM-3 : The Portable Planar - Impressions

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  1. good sound

    Well, to be completely honest I didn't have the opportunity to walk around with the Aeon Flow, its an assumption reached due to the bulk and weight of the Aeon. Its not that they're heavy per se but their size and clamping force would restrict them to basic walking I would think. Someone with a more practical and opposing view is welcome to chime in.

    As far as prices on ebay I would assume that due to their being discontinued the PM-3 are now approaching the retail price of the Aeon and not the orher way around. I think its a bit artificial and with a little looking around one should still be able to secure a pair of PM-3's for actual retail.
  2. Guppy_
    Yeah im actually considering selling my PM to go towards the AFC, hence all the questions.
  3. good sound
    That was my plan initially as well but I just can't reconcile the portability issue for me personally. My focus has now
    Shifted to the Campfire Audio Cascade as it may be more conducive to portable use and may have a sound signature that is even more to my liking than the AFC.
  4. Guppy_
    I looked at the cascades as well, but the reviews are way too much emphasized on bass, so definitely not my sound signature, also, that faux leather headband on that price range...
  5. zensanjay
  6. megabigeye
  7. zensanjay
  8. zensanjay
  9. magicalmouse
  10. Abubizarre
    The pads are a real problem on the PM-3. I've had several pairs now and they begin to crack and peel in just a few weeks. I purchased some velour "replacements" from aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Rep...944.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.3da24c4duZbG24

    They aren't real replacements, but they'll do the job, you'll have to remove the original pads (of course) and the supporting ring. I tried the new pad with the support ring and it must have positioned the drivers a little too far from my ears - some loss of definition and timing. However, after removing the support ring and placing the new pads over the lip on the Oppo, this has made an improvement in sound. Differences between the originals and these velour versions are an improved soundstage with velour, but probably less bass and isolation. A slight bump in the 2-4khz range might be present (but this could be quite subjective - no chance for A-B comparisons!). I have ordered synthetic leather pads from the same vendor, I'll post my findings when they arrive. Just for the record the original pads (although already on their way-out) were pretty much destroyed during the process – although they didn’t have to be, as I wanted to isolate the support ring the see if it had any effect on the sound.

  11. SteveNZ
    Looking at using my PM-3's with a Fiio Q5 which has a balanced 2.5mm output. Anyone got any recommendations for a suitable "affordable" cable? Don't need fancy braided things if possible. Other than that, a good DIY guide even?
  12. HirschiAUT
    I built a balanced cable for my PM-3 to use with an L&P L3, works great.
    I am not at home now but i can provide a drawing of the pinout later If you want.

    Material wise i got the connectors from Lunashops (can provide the links too later) and mogami star quad cable.

    Depending on your location it might be easier to get Belden or Sommer Cable star quad, where are you from?

    All in all this is very cost effective, ~30€ total If i remember correctly.
    Just be aware that these connectors are really hard to solder.
    Got some help from a friend that soldered SMD parts free handed, and even he said its not really fun work :p
  13. megabigeye
    I linked this one a few pages back. I've not used it myself, but another user said they had and that it's fine.

    If you're in the USA (or is the NZ in your name New Zealand?), Redco has good prices on connectors and cable.
    SteveNZ likes this.
  14. HirschiAUT
    Like promised here are the details regarding the balanced cable for PM3.

    First of all the Pinout, the first pic shows pinouts of the more common connectors, the second are my drawings for 2.5mm (A&K pinout) and XLR balanced cables for easier building and measuring.
    I dont know If the Q5 also has the A&K pinout, you will have to check on that.


    These are the connectors i used.
    The 2.5 is actually easier to solder because it has proper solder lugs, but only the 90° ones have, the straight ones are all the same shyte...
    You have to be really careful not to melt the plastic rings between the cylinders.


    Cable wise i can only speak for Europe, and this is what i would use, depending on preference and use case.




    The Mogami W2534 and Sommer Square 4-core are roughly the same with a diameter of ~6mm.
    I would only recommend these for stationary use, too thick for mobile usage.

    The Mogami W2893 is a bit thinner and more flexible, but the Sommer Cicada-4 might be best for on the go.

    I braided my own 4 stranded wire using very thin wire from AliExpress and left it bare, thus getting very thin, but this involves more work and no coler coded wires, so keep that in mind.

    I think thats all, If you have any more questions i'll try to help :)
  15. SteveNZ
    Fantastic info, thank you for that. I'm in New Zealand as Megabigeye surmised but I'm sure I can track down done suitable cable and Lunashops appears to ship internationally so looks like a good source for connectors. If nothing else I can cannibalize an XLR cable. I think the Q5 uses the HiFiMan pinouts but will obviously need to verify.

    Thanks again!
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