Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread
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Yes, I think that is it. Part of the pic is darkened or made black and white and in the process made the hp stand also look black.
( thanks for posting the pic JML :) )

Even though an all black base stand would be pretty nice as well. Maybe in the future they will implement the 2 brushed aluminum colors of the HA-1

Of course you could always buy the cherry one and spray paint it whatever color you want. :wink:
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Did you know that you can wrap the headphone cable up in the base of the stand so it's out of the way?   And the white cover that came with the demin carrying case can be used to cover the PM-1 and the stand for dust protection.  
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  The Oppo advertisement on page 78 of the June 2014 issue of Stereophile shows the HA-1 (black version) and the PM-1.  But the headphone is on a stand that looks different from the cherry wood stand; the base appears to be black.  If that's not a Photoshopped image, and there really was a black version made of the stand, I sure hope Oppo releases it.  The cherry just doesn't work in my listening area.

It is a photoshoped image. We do not have an alternative color scheme for the stand. The ad was designed to highlight the "class" or the HA-1 and the PM-1, which is why everything was darkened except for spectral highlights.
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  Btw Hastur, can you ask the powers-that-be to look into increasing the length of the mini-jack cable?   As it is, that length is pretty useless - I cannot go from sitting in bed to lying down without needing to move my player.  1' more would be grand.   Thanks!

We are looking into making a 1.8m 3.5mm cable. We should have these available this summer.
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We are looking into making a 1.8mm 3.5mm cable. We should have these available this summer.

Will the Balanced Headphone Cable that you are selling as an accessory for the PM-1 also work with the PM-2?
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You know, the background just knows man, it just knows. It knows what song is coming on next so it has this crazy patented technology that cancels out any of the recording hiss and such. It's nuts man. It's nuts.

I think you mean 'Omniscient' here!
As in 'all-knowing'!
Definition of this pedant! (He wishes) (-:
Off to be 'more invisible' again!
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Mine is exactly as this picture with a deep red color.

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  " Audeze’s background is less noticeable and more invisible, where the PM-1 background is noticeably jet black and omnipresent"
What? MORE invisible? How is that again?
And a background being 'omnipresent'?

It's understandable when you hear the two phones against each other. I think the Oppo's roll-off disguises the sound of ambience as blackness. It really is an inky background where sounds come out of the void with beautiful musicality; whereas with the LCD3 you're far more aware of the recording space and low-level background noises in the recording/recording venue.

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