Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphone Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hifiguy528, Apr 3, 2014.
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  1. HiFiGuy528
    Now that the PM-1 is out.  Let's start our listening impressions and appreciation comments here.  The original thread is crazy long and may be hard for new to Head-Fi members to learn about how this headphone sounds.
    I will have my unit today so check back here for my unboxing/first look video.  
    **** Update ****
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  2. ssrock64
    Are orders available already, or is yours a prototype unit?
  3. Ocellia
    Just off, tomorrow, to sample Audez'e LCD-2s + LCD Xs.
    Going to compare to Wharfedale Isodynamics! You wait 40+ years and then (several!) come along.
    The Oppo attracts because it looks lighter. Wood is lovely but a bit weighty? (Having sold my A-T Wth-1000s 2 years back!)
    If the sound matches the LCD-2s.....though it had better be better than the Wharfies!
    Will Oppo last 40years though? (I'll never know, unless they have hi-fi in the afterworld - I know doesn't exist)
  4. HiFiGuy528
    Mine is a production, retail unit.  
  5. conquerator2
    Aight [​IMG]
  6. ThurstonX
    Subbed [​IMG]
  7. Ocellia
    Referring back to a comment about the choice between Plastic and metal for the cases. 
    And the weight.
    Looked at my Wharfies. Nice -pretty soft - plastic case. Lasted for over 40 years .
    And sounds fine (just stretched my input wires to be able to use my Pass F3 and, yes, it sounds great. Was fine with my Hafler DH200, but even better with the Pass. Someone mentioned that a 'speaker amp' could sound better than a dedicated Head-amp. I agree)
    Isos Weigh 14 ounces which is about the same as the Oppo.
  8. IAmThe1Guy
    Awesome. Its nice to see some new competition in the high-end planar.
  9. jerg Contributor
    Hifiguy do you have any Audeze or Hifiman headphones on hand to do direct comparisons with the PM1? Because that's sort of the main thing people here wonder.
    We all know the build quality is gonna be great, it's just that we need to know the sound characteristics relative to the cans from the two main planar magnetic giants.
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  10. ethan7000
    ^^ exactly
  11. Jodet
    Don't forget the HD800's.    
  12. gevorg
    +1 for comparison against HD800.
  13. jerg Contributor
    Everything can be and is compared to the HD800, no doubt. But this is a special case where a new planar magnetic headphone is manufacturered and released; it'd be dumb not to compare to to Hifiman and Audeze as the biggest priority.
    It's like if a new 200m sprinter enters the Olympic scene, he should be matched up against other 200m sprinters first, before he goes into 100m and 500m sprints.
  14. conquerator2
    Speaking of which, anything worth mentioning about the 560? Any changes or something you'd like to point out or highlight? [​IMG]
  15. jerg Contributor
    You'd think that with the 150 posts I've made (including a mega-post, that being the first post of the 560 general) since last Thursday when I got the HE560, that enough information about it has been churned out, but no, you fanboys are never content.
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