Opinions on A700x + uDAC2 and a good upgrade
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Mar 12, 2013
Having been relatively new to the quality audio scene, I'm wondering what the opinions of folk here would be on this combination. I'm not too familiar or rather don't have enough experience to use the many terms one could use to describe the sound they produce, but I enjoy using this setup to listen to most types of music (compared to the cheaper store bought stuff for $10).
I've read some criticism about the uDAC2's clipping issues but I almost never put the dial past the halfway point anyways but I can't really compare the device to anything. Now I won't be upgrading from this for a while (having spent a couple hundred) but if I were to get a new setup, what would anyone recommend be a good step up? I like listening to almost any music and I like the bass of the A700x but perhaps it can get deeper than that (nothing approaching the Beats though!). Also any recommendations on a better dac/amp as well as headphone combo? If I had to put a price on it, I'd go as much as~ $750 total.

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