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    NuForce uDAC-2 with Sony EX700lp (they don't have anything to do with each other).
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  3. nwavguy

    NuForce uDAC-2 Drama (detailed measurements)

    Hopefully others agree this belongs in its own thread and not lost among the 50+ pages of the other uDAC-2 thread. That thread is mostly about subjective issues, while my blog review is more about some very questionable objective measurements and the response I received from NuForce. They asked...
  4. ohmicide

    Best $300 (or less) USB DAC/AMP combo for music production?

    Does anyone here use a dedicated DAC/AMP combo for production?   I don't do a lot of recording, if any at all, so I'm looking for a good USB DAC/AMP combo to use with my headphones (currently AKG K702s and Beats by Dre Studio, both hopefully to be replaced by AKG K550s which should be...
  5. Alchemist007

    Opinions on A700x + uDAC2 and a good upgrade

    Having been relatively new to the quality audio scene, I'm wondering what the opinions of folk here would be on this combination. I'm not too familiar or rather don't have enough experience to use the many terms one could use to describe the sound they produce, but I enjoy using this setup to...
  6. chris1492

    Nuforce udac and Topping upgrade to, Schitt Modi/Magni worth it ?

    I currently have a Nuforce udac2 hooked up to a topping tp-21, Im using the Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 250 ohm ,and the AKG K701 as my headphones. FLAC as source.   Udac2...
  7. jmg227

    Suggestions for $100+ Headphones

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster   I have recently received a pair of Senn 280 Pros for Christmas and I love them so, but I plan on getting some great $100 plus headphones since all my headphone life I've had sub $100 gear. I  will also would like to purchase an amp to go along...
  8. VacantPlains

    DAC for laptop audio and Matrix M-Stage amp

    I am looking for a relativley affordable DAC (probably USB) for using my laptop as the source. I will be purchasing the M-Stage amp from Matrix and therefore won't need a DAC/amp combo. Portability isn't a huge issue either but I'm not opposed to something portable if it fits the bill and price...
  9. drewDOOM

    Newbie Bedroom stereo system...

    I am trying to create a stereo system for my room, with my main source being my iMac. I thought I had a decent understanding of making a good system and was initially looking at 5.1 systems. But in my research I've learned that my room is too small for that, and since my main interest is music...
  10. Dot584

    DAC for 360 and pc use.

    Hi I am new to the audiophile world but I am very interested in getting good sound. I would say I know what to listen for in audio for someone who doesnt actually own any high end audio equipment due to friends being musicians that have nice stuff.    So I have been doing research for the...
  11. jonny564

    Looking to Tighten Up my PC setup. Dac and Cable question

    Setup HD600's --->Schiit Asgard ----> Udac2 ------->PC   I have had this setup for about a year now, and am looking to upgrade my source.        Anyone with experience in the two would a Schiit Bitfrost be a worthwhile upgrade over the udac2? I have heard decent reviews for the udac...
  12. ArthurWulfWhite

    Looking for a dac for my headphones

    Hi,   I never had much experience with any headphones beyond the 10$ range until about a year ago when I stumbled upon Skullcandy Aviators in a local electronics store. The forums I read back then had good reviews for this product. Reading this forum I see some people strongly disagree and I...
  13. spittis

    DAC/AMP with RCA outputs for ~200 euro?

    *Edit* I got the Audioengine D1 and just posted impressions in the third reply.   Hi, I wasn't exactly sure in which section to make this post, hopefully I got it right.   So, I'm looking to buy a headphone amplifier and DAC. They don't necessarily have to be in the same shell so to say...
  14. SodaMeiser

    building a home and mobile rig for less than $1,000

    Greetings head-fiers, A little background. Hifi is a fickle thing, it seems no matter how much money you spend, something is always wrong with your rig.  Your favourite manufacturer comes out with a new model, maybe my DAC isn't good enough, is all my music 320? I've danced around the game...
  15. c00lkatz

    USB Sound Card for Laptop - Help?

    I have a pair of JVC HA-RX900 and an HP Probook 4530s. I am running Windows 8 64-bit and OS X Mountain Lion. I am tired of the crappy onboard audio and want to get something better. Being a non-gaming laptop, I mostly listen to music and watch the occasional movie or TV show. I do play a few...
  16. Hark3n

    Which USB DAC/amp combo for first time budget buyer

    Hi there head-fiers (that doesn't sound right),   I've been lurking around this site for a good couple of years now, learning stuff and generally just drooling over some of you okes' setups. So, after many moons of wondering and deciding, I have finally made up my mind and decided to buy...
  17. HHRC

    Portable Dac help... Please!!

    Hi all,   I have an iPod Classic 6th Gen, some Audio Technica M50 headphones and a Fiio E7 amp.   Would there be any advantage in me upgrading the Fiio to a portable Dac such as the NuForce Icon UDac 2 or would the difference in sound be marginal?   appreciate any advice. Thanks
  18. Leonarfd

    AKG K550 AMP or Soundcard

    Hey. I got the AKG K550s, I have used em mostly with my laptop at uni but decided to get some iems for that instead. So now im plugging them into my gaming computer at home instead, the only problem now is low sound and lack of elements in the sound. I understand this is due to the bad onboard...
  19. andpgud

    Sennheiser and Marantz PM710 AMP. New here and need some help with that duo :D

    Hi there. I have owned my Headphones for 6 years now but always just had them plugged into my laptops. They were never used loud and I actually never used them because of that. Now I bought this old school Marantz PM710 and bought some new cable with the big jack for the headphones. Got my...
  20. Sanotter

    Need an amp for Under 100GBP! To drive Hd598's.

    So, I will be getting the HD 598's in a couple of weeks, but having used my noisy inbuilt audio on my computer, i need something to stop it. Max 100GBP, although less is better, I was thinking a nuforce uDac-2 or xonar dx, but would prefer something <100. i don't need portability, just a pretty...
  21. brydon10

    AKG Q701 paired with uDac2

    Do you guys think the Q701 would be decently paired with udac2, or am I asking too much power out of this little amp? I am thinking of finally getting my dream headphones (q701) but I don't have much money to spend on a nice amp and already have the udac2. Thanks for your comments.
  22. Can Junkie

    Nuforce UDAC-2 at Best Buy Stores.

    I noticed the Best Buy that I bought my UDAC-2 from has put another one in that store. If you are new to the hobby and are considering getting a DAC, the Newforce UDAC-2 is a good place to start. At $119, it will not break the bank, but will give you a good taste of some nice digital audio...
  23. simplemente

    Best Dac for the price; need opinions!!

    Hi there,   I've had some trouble with the soundcard in my laptop (windows 7), and now the jack outpout won't deliver any sound. But the sound was pretty average anyway, and needed to be changed, so I did some research on possible solutions. This is what I've come up with:   Both Amp and...
  24. djaiss

    Looking for a DAC - price range 150-300$

    Hello there,   I've been browsing this forum for a few days now. I'm looking for the best possible DAC for a budget in the range of 150$-300$, and there seems to be so many possible alternatives that I'm completely lost.   One year ago I wanted to enter into the world of audiophiles. My...
  25. davehutch

    After reconnecting a u-DAC-2 to my Mac, distortion happens for a few seconds after a keyboard press

    Does anybody else have this issue? I had a very extensive and helpful reply from NuForce but it pointed towards maybe a IRQ issue or perhaps not enough RAM etc. My MBP has 8GB of RAM and I had just finished rebuilding my Mac onto a brand new hard drive. I was only running iTunes when I...