Open back headphones for both music, gaming and movies
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Oct 22, 2015
Hello audiophiles
I need some help. Simply I'm looking for a pair of headphones which is open, with good sound (obviously). Let me specify..
My budget is around 600-700 dollars, so keep the recommendations under that. I'm looking for headphones with impedance under 50, as the sources I'm going to use will mainly be my phone, computer and console. Also, I need headphones where the treble is not too "harsh", I used to own a pair of beyerdynamic dt900 pros, but they hurt my ears really bad, so I returned them. Wide soundstate is a must, I'm playing fps games such as cod and csgo.
I'm no audio expert, but if I had to describe the sound signature I'm looking for, it should be a balanced sound, no boomy bass, but not too analtical either. 
Genres I'm listening to: standard pop (spotifty top 100), rock (bands like three days grace and Breaking Benjamin), sometimes dubstep/house.
If I missed anything, please point it out, so I can respond
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For $600-700 why not get a headphone, amp, and DAC?  
I was about to recommend the HiFiMan HE-500, but I just remembered you can't find it anymore for a good price (except maybe used).  What a shame.  At $500 that headphone was the best value I think, offering near-flagship performance.  
With that off the table, I'm thinking... Audeze EL-8 open back?  It doesn't have the best sound stage, but pretty good and it has somewhat rolled off treble so it won't be fatiguing.  That rules out a DAC/amp, but it's meant to be super easy to drive so it should sound decent out of your computer and phone.  You could always get a DAC/amp in the future, portable if needed, to enhance your music listening.
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Thanks for the reply buddy. I'm much more of a casual listener than anything, therefor I would rather avoid anything with dacs/amps, too much trouble for my taste, thanks for the recommendation though, will check that out.
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I work a lot thus I also earn a lot. I tend to want the best of the best, I just don't want to do all the extra trouble with dacs/amps. Perfectly fine if I find headphones for less than 600-700 dollars, I would actually prefer that. Anyways thanks for the advice.
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You're not gonna get "best of the best" without good source gear, sorry. AKG K712 or other + Audio-GD NFB-11 would get you very far. ES9018 DAC and Class A amp section :).
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For cans that don't need an amp at $300 and above, the Fostex TH-600 and Phillips X2 are really your only options. Even just adding something like the Cayin C5 portable amp would reallly open up your options.
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Talked to a friend of mine, which is willing to sell his schiit modi/magni combo . He already told me what you guys told me. With the modi/magni combo, what would the best option be, considering my budget? If the schiit combo isnt the best, I'm still willing to use around 200-300 dollars in the amp/dac department if there is something better. 
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Buy that combo and you can use darn near any headphone you want! That's a great combo to get you going!

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