One source for three amps?
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S Smith

Apr 16, 2009
I have a Cambridge 840c which I use primarily with my Woo WA6SE. I also have a 2 channel speaker amp and a DV 336SE which are currently not used. I would like to be able to use all three amps (not at the same time) with the Cambridge with out having to move cables around every time.

I am looking for a relatively cheap ($100-200??) solution that does not compromise SQ. If this kind of set up is not possible at this price range, please let me know what range will be more realistic.


edit: I guess what I am really asking for is a recommendation for a switch box.... I've only looked at the MAD LR-1.
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Hi there, you have a couple of options. First is for you to find out if your 2 channel speaker amp has a tape loop. If yes use the output of the tape loop to feed your DV336A. The DV336A has a line out which you use to feed the Woo WA6SE.

If your 2 channel speaker amp does not have a tape loop buy an RCA splitter (about $25) and connect it to the RCA output of the 840C. Use one RCA to feed the 2 channel stereo and the other to the DV336SE, and use the other set of RCA's out of the splitter to feed your Woo WA6SE. Good luck.
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I had considered this but was trying to avoid both RCA spliters and running the signal through all of my equipment. With tubes that is a lot of heat and electricity. Thank you regardless.
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I like the Radio Shack switchboxes for about $20.

No, they don't degrade your sound. They might not be Hi-Fi Hi-Fashion, but they work as advertised. You really don't have to spend into the hundreds for parts that work.

I'd recommend trying one - if you don't like it, Radio Shack has a return policy.

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