OMG! OMG! OMG! MY 580 has arrived!!! HOW DO I TREAT THIS BABY?????
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Oct 31, 2002

OH MAN!!! I love Amazon!!! My 580 just arrived today! It looks neat!! DAMN! I don't think I can do my headphone justice. Not to say I don't have an amp for it but I don't even have a CD player for it!!! All I can do at this time is plug it in in my Soundblaster Live!! AHHHH!!! Anyway, I want to ask u guys how to break in. What type of music at what volume? Thanks a lot!!! I don't think I can sleep tonite!!
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You want music that has a good range of highs and lows. My breakin is normally done connected to my FM reciever that I have tuned to the classical station. I set the volume to a slightly higher than normal listening level (my normal is lower than most) and let them go for a couple of days.
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HI: Good luck with your new 580s. Burn them in a little bit louder than you would listen to them on your head. I use rock music for burn in. Now not too loud. Also I would suggest a 100 hour burn in but you can still listen to then during this time and when done continue the burn in. Enjoy
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Thanks people!! STILL NEED MORE ADVICE!!!
GOD! Someone calm me down!!

Since my musical taste is 80% classical and 20% rock&roll...
I will burn in with classical music first.
So far..10 min into burning....the headphone does sound a little bright...bass not really deep. Hmmmm, I think I need more break in..
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Also remember that they will sound better from a decent source and amp than they will straight out of the soundcard. Oh god, was that me that just said that??? hehe, well it is true
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HI: Calm down. You are going to have a heart attack. LOL. I think any music will be ok. The headphones will change alot after a good burn in. Try to give the 580s time to burn in and they will sound better than they do now. The bass will appear and the highs will mellow out. It just takes time for the burn in. Go to bed and when you wake up the 580s will sound a lot better. LOL
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Since I don't have any more money to invest in amp and cd player at this time, I really want a meeting in LA area, so I can try out all the possible combination without hurting wallet again ~
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Can the earpads fold just like 570? I am not too seems like the earpads have only 5 degree of angle movement...I don't want to force the earpads until I hear from you guys.
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What do you mean by fold? The cups/earpads do rotate in and out a tiny bit, not too much. Congrats on the purchase, you have an awesome phone.
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Ok, I think I just asked a stupid question. No way it can fold up like those Sony's.
The cup does rotate a tiny bit....but is that all? I like the flexibility of those Sony phones offer.
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so how come there isn't a "music to burn your cans with" section in the music section?

when i get my new AT AD10's I plan to buy a cd i have never heard before to burn them in (although i kind of think "dark side of the moon" should be a good candidate to burn them in with). and how come there isn't a cd with all types of music on it? you know female vocals, male vocals, organs, trumpets, oboes, drums, snares, lightening (!) - a full range of music: jazz, country, hip hop, chamber, symphony, rap, rock, r&b, disco, synth, etc. guess i'll just have to make my own.

Luvya, if you have a dvd player, you can probably use that in continuous loop mode to burn in. before going to sleep, wrap up the phones in a big towel or heavy coat to muffle the sound so that you can sleep.

any ideas of good cd's to burn with? the idea of pink or white noise doesn't excite me as f.m. typically has no response beyong 15kHz, and i can't see it extending very far below 50Hz. i'd be afraid that this would be the frequency range that it is sensitive to (like breaking in a car at 55mph - no matter what, it'll always get the best gas mileage at 55).
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HI: I don't think it matters what music you play for the purpose of burn in is to work out the drivers and any music will do that. But I do like the idea of burn in with pink floyd. Dark side of the moon,ummagumma,animals,wish you were here,the wall,atom hart mother their first album, echoes and any pink floyd will be great because from time to time you will listen to the cans while they are burning in and hear pink floyd and to me thats a WOW.
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Mine also arrived (from newegg) today !
I never played 580/600 before, there are 2 things confused me:
1. This headphone looks coarse, poor plastic. I took some photos of it, but I don't know how to find a website to host my picture?
2. It is really easy to drive. When play mp3, put master volum and 'wave' volum to only 1/5 will drive it very very laud. On my Sony XE500 CD player it is too laud even for lowest volum level, I need to use the 'HZR 62' volum control to bring the volum down to listenable level. Is 580 really so easy to drive?

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