OHIO Meeting?Columbus/Cincy/Cleveland

  1. RiddleyWalker
    This sounds awesome. Would love to stop by and share gear with you folks. Assuming there is sufficient table space, I can bring:
    Theta Basic IIIa
    Zana Deux Super
    HD650 modded
    HE-500 modded
    Stax SRA-3S
    Stax Lambda Normal Bias
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  2. Schwibbles
    Update: I will not be bringing the Monoprice Monolith M300 nor will I be bringing the Philips Fidelio X2. I am returning both.

    Just assume there is unlimited table space :o2smile::o2smile:
  3. Donal
    I'm a new member and Springboro is about an hour drive. Would be interested in attending. I don't know what I could bring that would be of interest. I don't have the equipment that everybody posting seems to have. I've recently acquired some decent, to me, headphones and am interested in finding out the difference in headphone sounds.
  4. buke9
    Damn I really hate to miss this one looks like it is going to be pretty good lots of nice gear.
  5. AxelCloris Administrator
    Psh, weddings.
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  6. FunyunBreath
    Yeah I can't wait to demo the HD800s on that Zana Deux :beyersmile:
  7. FunyunBreath
    Come anyway! It's the best way to listen to everyone else's gear and figure out what you like best :)
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  8. buke9
    I hear ya and I don’t even know these people. A girl that works with my wife so you know how that goes ; ) Supposed to be a big shindig though and the groom has lots of very good bourbon (the main reason my wife got me to go). Hope all have a good time .
  9. tryzub
    I haven't been to one of these yet, but I'm assuming it's not about showing off your gear. :) I hope to hear and see some cool stuff, but listening is what I'm looking forward to.
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  10. buke9
    Like what was said on the above post just go if you can and don’t worry about what you have not being up to par with the others as there maybe someone there like you that hasn’t heard your stuff so bring it. After going to two CanJams and ten meets you will not meet a better bunch of folk than at a Head-Fi Meet plain and simple a great community.
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  11. buke9
    You will find very few that want to show off their gear and most just want you to hear what they hear. There is no if you don’t have this then you don’t have anything. Not in the least one of the more welcoming bunch of people you will meet and want nothing more than a smile when you hear something good that you haven’t heard before. I have yet to meet anyone at a meet that was real pretentious some have a hint but it is never overt. Just go and listen to good music on good gear and meet some pretty good people at the same time.
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  12. Donal

    Sounds good to me. I'll plan on being there.
  13. Jayzz
    Subbed. I'm interested as this place is only 30 mins drive from me and this would be my first meet. I have my office team event lined up potentially the same weekend and would like to commit after I know details about that. As far as gear I can bring ibasso DX80 and HD6XX.

    I would like to audition the Aeons, Ethers and Elear if they are available.

    How do I confirm and when is the latest I can confirm?
  14. Schwibbles

    PM @FunctionalDoc to confirm. I will be bringing both the Aeon Closed and Aeon Open so everyone can try them.
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  15. lac29
    I think these things are pretty open. So probably no need to confirm anything unless you're really keen on bringing stuff. Just come and enjoy the event.

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