OHIO Meeting?Columbus/Cincy/Cleveland

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  1. FunctionalDoc
    Cincinnati/Dayton Area CANJAM October 28th

    Sat. October 28th 10am - 2pm
    345 North Main Street
    Springboro Ohio 45066
    Just of I-75 at Austin Blvd. exit

    Please PM if you are coming and what gear are you going to bring.

    IF you have a extension cord , folding table or chair that you can bring let me know in your PM.

    Mr. Speakers Aeon
    HIFIMAN HE 400I Dekoni Earpads
    Ifi Black Label Dac Amp
    Periodic Audio BE IEM's

    Audiofly AF180 Universal In-Ear Monitor

    I look forward to some great listening .

  2. leon995
    I am also wondering. Seems there is once before. If there is one meeting please count me in.
  3. buke9
    I would do Cincy. I missed the last one was out of town.
  4. leon995
    If we can do cincy that would be perfect. I am looking to buy a DAC and hope to get suggestions or chance to listen some to decide.
  5. CLEBB
    I could do a Cleveland one! I've been looking to jump to some higher end equipment such as the HD 600/650, Fidelio X2, AKG 7XX or 712, etc. but there's no audio stores around here that I know of :frowning2:
  6. mkarikom
    I would gladly attend a Columbus meeting.  Potentially Ciny or Cleveland, depending on timing. 
  7. mkarikom
    I just bought an LCD-2 so I've got an X2 for sale if you are in the Columbus area!  It's mint WOOX :)
  8. AdamK89
    I would be interested in a Columbus or Cincinnati meet. I drove to the one in Ann Arbor, MI a few weeks ago, but a local one would be nice :)
  9. Tromokratis
    I would also partake in the meeting of the audio-minds.
  10. speedyd718
    Newb here from Cleveland and would be in for meeting up with some other Headfi'ers.
  11. dbaker1981
    Newb here and would like to have one in Columbus or the natti. Or you could do one that's in the middle at Dayton. It's equal distance from both Columbus and Cincinnati.
  12. Jim Dickson
    I will do columbus
  13. AxelCloris Administrator
    Cincinnati and Columbus are both good choices for me. We had several meets previously in Columbus but those haven't happened for a while. Cincinnati would be preferred but it's only about a 90 minute drive for me to reach most places in the Columbus area.
  14. korotnam
    I'm always down for a Cinci meet :).
  15. lord_tris
    Yea It sucks, guys. 
    Not to many people liked the idea of a public building like the library that I used before. (no alcohol was big draw back for a couple of people)
    And the apartment I live in now. Is ok to support 4-5 members and some gear but nothing like the house I was in. 
    Kinda forced to stop the meets. 
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