OHIO Meeting?Columbus/Cincy/Cleveland

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  1. tryzub
    @jude and @AxelCloris, thanks for bringing so much gear. I loved hearing so much good stuff. Man, 4 hours just isn't enough time, is it?!

    Of course, thanks to @FunctionalDoc for allowing us to invade his office. :) I enjoyed our chat about functional medicine, too.

    It was nice to meet everyone, @Jayzz, @XGeneX88, @Schwibbles, others and those I've already thanked! I feel fortunate to have gotten the chance to audition so many cans and other gear.

    Next stop, Cleveland area.
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  2. FunctionalDoc
    Thanks to everyone for bringing a lot of gear to our recent event. A special thanks to @jude and @AxelCloris from Head-Fi for being so supportive of are Ohio event.
    I also appreciate the patience of the members for squeezing into my small office space with all that gear.

    I look forward to our next event and sounds like we will be up north closer to the Cleveland area .

    Always impressed with the quality of people that come to CanJam events.

    Look forward to attending and having event in the near future.

  3. tryzub
    Let's make it more than 4 hours.There were so many headphones to listen to on so many amps and DACs. Plus, I would have liked to socialize a little more. I felt "heads-down" listening and avoiding eye contact half the time because I was on a mission, lol.
  4. Jayzz
    On listening briefly to Ether Flow open and Sony MDR-Z1R, I felt Ether flow to be thin and Sony to be too full (with a lot of body, little dark even).

    Do you think my impressions are correct? If so can anyone recommend a sweet spot in the middle? Thanks!
  5. Schwibbles
    I personally didn't feel like the Ether Flow was thin...
    But did you try the Eikon? From the very short time I heard the three of those I believe it fell in the middle.
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  6. jude Administrator
    We should do an impressions thread in the meet impressions forum. I'll post my photos there later, too.
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  7. buke9
    I think that totally depends on the amps used. I’m still debating on turning my Ether-C’s to Ether Flows but hate to give them up. That said the ZMF Eikons are something I’m still considering . I hate to get rid of headphones as I’ve sold one and I miss it (Alpha Dogs).
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
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