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Official Vienna Meet June 15th

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  1. nonno breuss
    Well, count me in (for vienna)
  2. ssag
  3. plakat
    Sorry, I did not find this thread while researching the possibility and therefore created a second one here:
    As described over there I can bring some stuff (Fostex TH-900, TH-600, HP-A8, HP-P1), Beyer (T1, T5p, DT1350) and Meier Audio (just arrived: Daccord + Classic) plus some other things I'm currently selling (AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Young Guru Edition, Lake People G109P, AKG K702AE).
    Maybe I can arrange for a meeting room at a nice hotel near Schottentor.
  4. ampair
    so, 6 people and counting :)
    i can bring my akg collection, plus lyr, gilmore and bushmaster. no high end stuff here, i'm afraid [​IMG]
    how much do they charge for a meeting room? or, more precisely, how many people would it need to make the meeting affordable for us?
    i can ask at my university (tu wien) if i can get a seminar room, that might be cheaper.
  5. plakat
    I'll have to ask when they have a room available, but if they have one free it might even be free (the General Manager is a friend of mine). We would have to pay for our drinks though.
    But I'm in no way opposed to TU.
    I'm not available on the following dates in December:
    10., 11., 13., 17., 19., 20.
    So what about Dec. 14th or 15th?
  6. bishibosh8
    14th works great for me, so I can get back on the 15th at a decent time. I have to ask though, is it going to be mainly German that is spoken there, or is English welcome too? :p
  7. RAFA
    Thank you for your action and commitment. Is it possible to do this in January?
    Also, I just changed the threadname recently. That is, why you could not find it. Initially, I wanted to meet up in Upper Austria, but there are no head-fi people here...
    We should ask James444, dfkt and Gintaras... they are Austrian members too.
  8. plakat
    @bishibosh8: English is of course welcome.
    @RAFA: that might explain it...
    Thanks for your suggestions, I contacted said users by PM.
    So lets take focus on Dec. 14.
    Edit: January after 12th would also be OK with me. Maybe even for a second event?
  9. bishibosh8
    Good to know, thanks! Just found out Dec. 14th is a no go for me :/ Another event in January like RAFA mentioned would be nice. 
  10. plakat
    I'll keep the option of Dec. 14th if anybody is interested, but nevertheless lets plan for January. Might be better anyway, holiday season is full of events...
    For January I'd suggest the 18th or 25th.
  11. RAFA

    Thats the reason. Christmas parties everywhere...

    I am cool with the 25th January. If it is the 18th, I'll give the best to be there.
  12. nonno breuss
    18.01 would work great for me. (25 not I'm afraid)
    Would be great if it worked out. Thanks for organizing a room.
  13. nonno breuss
    Ps:Ive spent several hours today at longtone (lcd2) some store at the Gasometer (hd800 with too much ambulance noice) and klangfarbe (us sig pro and ed8, which is really why I went there in the first place - didn't convince me though. I'm quite looking forward to hearing yoir th900 (and somewhat afraid that it will make me unhappy) :wink:
  14. nonno breuss
    Ambulance = ambiance on my cell spelling correction :wink:
  15. plakat
    Sorry, I forgot a rather big event on the 18th that I have to attend as I'm one of the sound engineers :wink:
    So that leaves Jan. 25th...
    @nonno: we can arrange a session at any time. Just contact me by PM.
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