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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. sheldaze
    At least you're lucky it's just the one tube.
    Reading some other threads on rolling - people have to prioritize when an amp is full of 4 or more of the things.
  2. bretemm
    Ok, thank you, I think latter I'll get the modi2 Uber. But, dosnt the extra rca cables through the SYS interfer a little with sound quality? (Since its passive?) .
  3. sheldaze
    Nope. Nadda. No way!
    The SYS just sounds good, both directions, with volume set to full. Use it to compare two sources or split a source into two [​IMG]
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  4. bretemm
    Great, so, I guess I'll soon order the Vali2 and SYS, even more Schiit! i might first just use the vali2 rca in -with a rca to headphone jack with my fiio
  5. jfoxvol
    My Vali 2 arrived yesterday at my office while I was home sick.  I came in early today and worked through lunch so I could get home early and plug her in.  The Vali 1 has been one of my favorite amps for a long time.  In spite of the noise and microphonics, it just did somethings so well that connected me to the music like no other amp has.  Until now.  The Vali 2 captures the magic of what the original did but much much lower noise and distortion and no ringing.  I currently have hooked up to my Bifrost MB in my living room system.  Damn, I just bought an asgard 2 to get this system going.  Well, it's probably getting sold now.  Maybe.  You can never have too many amps (or guitars).  I will hook up in my main system tomorrow with the Yggy feeding it.  For now, I'm just floored.  So far, just my Oppos PM-3s.  I'll swap out some other cans as I get the time.  Right now I'm just enjoying.  Gee Willikers, Jason.  Knocked this one out of the park, man.  Well done.  I know I've been pounding my fist on the forum for months asking for my Vali 2 after all the other second gen amps came out.  Good things come to those who wait.  I can't wait to hook up my T1s later.
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  6. painted klown
    Regarding the hum: I can confirm it does have a low level hum with low Z cans and the gain on high. I didn't notice it yesterday (probably due to my excitement and almost exclusive 650 listening). As you noted, the hum does not change volume up or down. I am guessing it's normal for the amp? Note that I do not hear the hum with the 650's.
    I too noticed the relay pop. It happened twice last night, and scared me both times. [​IMG] Oddly, it didn't happen every time I powered on. Either way, I will no longer be powering up with headphones plugged in. It may be safe, but still...I don't want to risk it.
    Thanks for following up on that. I was worried that my unit had an issue. Glad it's all ok. [​IMG]
    Here is a pic of the Vali 2 powered up in a 100% dark room, for reference. Pic was taken with iPhone 6 with no flash engaged.
    Very cool!
    Knowing next to nothing about tubes, especially when it comes to heater voltages and current, is it safe to say that ALL 6CG7, 6N1P, 6DJ8, ECC88, and 6N23P tubes are good to go? Additionally, I often see tubes listed as E88CC. Are these the same thing as ECC88 and are they safe to use as well?
    LOL! I'm glad I wasn't the only one window shopping for tubes before I had it in hand!  [​IMG] 
    To be honest, the stock tube sounds wonderful to my ears, so between that (and my crying wallet), I will be happily listening with it bone stock. No tube upgrade required IMO.
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  7. jlangholzj
    This is actually pretty hilarious. I was just talking to Fox about some of the other tubes that might sound great in the amp but was hesitant about the added heater draw. One of which was the 6n1 (I've got a few that run it and love it!). This is great news for the vali2 folks.....there's a couple other hidden diamonds that will fit the profile now.
    As always, great work jason and mike [​IMG]
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  8. jfoxvol
    Now to find some rusky toobs, dude.  In Soviet Russia, tubes roll you.
  9. jlangholzj
    if it weren't for the 12V heater, the 12au7 might be interesting....without knowing too much about the bias the 5965 *might* work .....and a few others I'm sure. If it weren't for the socket difference there's a few 6SN7 style that could bode well too......Let me dig out some references and see what's what.
    I get down to your territory again and I'll bring a slough of tubes and my bias probe. See what works.
  10. painted klown
    A question for those more tech savvy than I.
    As the Vali 2 is a hybrid amp, does that mean that the preamp stage is where the tube is inserted, and the amplification stage is solid state?
    Apologies for the silly question, but I assume this is the case, especially since the Vali 2 uses preamp tubes.
  11. jlangholzj

     the 6DJ8 is a helluva tube so its no surprise why schiit used it. The 6N1 will draw more heater current and (depending on the filament supply) could cause issues. Why I was talking about it and a few other alternatives with the reserve on heater supply. the 6N23 is a compatible with the ECC88 so it should be okay. NOTE that i don't have a vali2 in my hands (yet) and I'm just rattling off a few ideas with other schiit fanatics on options and I'm *just* and enthusiast :p. I've got a list of other compatible tubes I'll look at tomorrow and see what may or may not work if it will supply 600ma on the heaters.
    In the little time the Vali2 has been out I've been REALLY excited about it, especially after hearing so much praise on the original vali. I think this one might be a game changer in terms of what we (the consumer) have for options!
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  12. jlangholzj

     Not a silly question at all, from what I understood on the original vali....the reason for using a solid state driver stage was....well...multiple reasons. With more traditional valves (like the 12ax7) we've been plagued with the ability to drive output stages due to the nature of the tube. This is why *most* hybrid amps will use a solid state output to address a few of those issues. For those same reasons I'm sure schiit stuck with the same topology and used the tube for a gain stage and the sand for an output. Most of the guys I've talked to will prefer a solid state output for their capability to drive a variety of loads w.r.t the tubes.

    Again...speculation on my part....and holds it worth for what you paid for it :wink:
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  13. painted klown
    Yeah, in reading the chapter that Jason wrote about this amp, it looked like that was the way he went, due to multiple reasons as you state. Cost was also a factor in this amp, but to my ears, it's much better (in every regard) than I had expected for the price.
    To be quite honest, I was thinking I would get it and think it was "ok". Not something crazy good, but a "decent tube 'starter' amp" so-to-speak. A way to test the tube water, to see if I wanted to invest in some "serious" tube gear. I was not prepared for what I actually heard. This amp is no toy IMO. Now I'm sure there are some well seasoned audiophiles out there who may scoff at the hybrid design, or the brand name, or the price, etc, but when you listen to it, you are rewarded with some really nice sounding audio IMO. [​IMG]
  14. jlangholzj
    Fox had the same reaction. I can't wait to get my hands on one.
    As an aside even in the world of "pure sand" you can make a FET sound a lot like a tube...quite easily. Truth be told the SS alternatives to tubes will have a lot better z-drive...which...again is just due to their nature of construction. This is the constant 'battle' between the old folks stuck in their ways and us "new kids on the block". In the end through, tubes and sand both have their place in topology. Each does something special and as usual.....mike and jason realized that and hit this one out of the park.
    Damnit i just bought some new cans....*i dont need a vali2, i dont need a vali2....i DONT NEED A VALI2*....okay...maybe i do.
  15. i20bot
    Mine came in today but I'm still at work moping around.  
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