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Official Schiit Vali 2 Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by inseconds99, Dec 11, 2015.
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  1. painted klown

    Congrats on having the longest day at work...ever!  LOL! j/k
    Congrats on the new amp. Please give us your impressions once you have had the opportunity to listen. [​IMG]
  2. i20bot

    Spoke too soon.  No one was home to sign for it so I have to go pick it up in the morning.  Now that will be the longest day at work lol.
  3. Astral Abyss

    Wanna hear a distressing pop, buy a Lyr 2 and leave your headphones plugged in. In theory, safe. In reality, a bit excessive. Hence why I never leave them plugged in. If there's an acceptable range Schiit allows for, I must be at the top of it
  4. volly
    It's here...
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  5. lvince95
    That box looks huge! Are you enjoying the Vali 2? Looks like I'm gonna be purchasing it mid-January when I'm done travelling, since impressions so far are all positive.
  6. volly
    Actually, the picture misleads a little...
  7. volly
    I'll be happy to reclaim some desk space, but will miss the Asgard 2 as it's such a work horse! 
    I won't have any impressions till Christmas day, oh the agony!! 
  8. bigro

    I have a Valhalla 2... Been there. The Vali 2 Arrives Today. All of the Reviews thus far are very encouraging.I Will spend some time over the weekend giving it a run through. I was using the Original Vali yesterday and the hiiisssss between tracks and the tiiiiinng when I adjust volume seemed to be amplified now that I have been waiting almost a week from fedex to snail its way of to the other side of the country.
  9. lvince95
    Okay it definitely looks smaller now haha.
    Are you planning to sell the Asgard 2? Going from Asgard to Vali 2 might be quite different though, and I heard that many people prefer the Philips X2 with SS amps compared to tube. I haven't tested it out yet though. I'm running my X2 without an amp, and will be getting one after Christmas. Still can't really decide between Vali 2 and solid state like Magni 2 Uber/O2.
    Seeing that you also have the X2 with a solid state, and now trying tube, I'll probably be basing my decision off your impression as well I reckon. Looking forward to your impressions [​IMG]
  10. Jane Levi

    Waiting for Vali 2 vs Valhalla 2 !
  11. volly
    I'll be keeping the Asgard2 for now as it is a solid amp. I have a good feeling that the Vali 2 hybrid will be a great match for the X2's so I can't wait to try it out!
    I've used the Asgard2 for a few years now and I know the sound quite well, I'll definately give my impressions on the Vali2 as soon as the time comes!
    lvince95 likes this.
  12. bigro
    There is also a SYS accompanying the Vali 2 to help with this. Ill will hopefully get to do some comparisons over the weekend. Fair warning,  I Probably will not be doing the comparison with Headphones. The Valhalla 2 is strictly a preamp for a 2 channel speaker setup and that's where I am most familiar with it. Because Tubes Can change the way the amp sounds I plan to swap out the rolled tubes back to the Original Valhalla tube set. 
    The Only Pair of cans that has ever been plugged into that Valhalla was by rmoody with his Shure 1540's. He will have the Vali 2 Next weekend to demo.
  13. i20bot
    Just went to pick her up this morning at the Post Office.  But I had to head straight to work after that.  Now the long wait, lol.  That thing is a little smaller than I had expected.  Gave me a chuckle when I opened the box up.  It's pretty hefty for it's size though.  Now that I think about it though.  My Polaris is almost as small as the Vali 2.
  14. bigro
    Looking at the the pictures the tubes looks a lot bigger than they really are because of it's size. For some reason My tube is bigger than yours jokes come to mind.
  15. Badfish5446
    E88CC = 6922,  ECC88 = 6DJ8, all work in the "rollable" schiit products.  E88CC/6922 work in 6DJ8 systems but not necessarily the other way round depending on design of the amp.
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