Nuforce Icon vs. Nuforce Icon HDP for 44.1 (CD rips)
Aug 4, 2010 at 6:18 PM Post #2 of 2
Bump. Wondering the same.
I am in the same situation as OP. I only listen to 16/44 (or 16/48) flac files. I now have a uDac and am considering either buy the M-Stage and use the uDac as a dedicated dac or sell the uDac and purchase the HDP. I am not considering the Asgarrd as it doesn't have any preamp out so I can't use it with my active speakers. The Icon-2 (new Icon) is $100 cheaper than the HDP, but the speaker jacks (RJ45 to banana) could be a little tricky for me as my speaks only take either RCA or TRS input.
Headphones will use: HD580s, ESW9s, MS1is and HF2s (still working on getting them)
anybody share some light on this please.

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