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Nuforce Icon HD or ibasso d7?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by oneway23, Jan 16, 2012.
  1. oneway23
    All things equal in terms of hi-res compatability, which provides a more enjoyable experience for the cash?  I know not as many have experience with the D7, but I don't have any experience with either company.
    I guess my real question, then, is which company tends to provide the highest performance to dollar ratio?
    Definitely looking for an Amp/DAC combo unit, but unwilling to reach Nuforce HDP/Pico and beyond price levels.  Trying to keep it in the $170-$250 range.
    This would be for a pair of Senn HD600s.
  2. bowei006 Contributor

    IF you are just asking which company provides the highest price to performance ratio on Head-fi. Then FiiO is probably it. I don't have experience in that range but both are popular.
    Are you just looking for an amp. but an amp plus DAC? The E17 is an interesting choice that is also up there. not really nufroce HD or ibasso D7 levels(i think, no word yet)
  3. oneway23


    Thanks for the prompt reply.
  4. bowei006 Contributor


    Since you are in that range the E17 is looking better. However if you are trying to max out. An iBasso might get you a bit more performance :/ don't know. reviews aren't all fully out yet. check them out. They have been positive. FiiO is known to create products worth more than their price. the e17 is MSRB$150
  5. oneway23
    I'll give them a look.  I will also say that I'm probably going to end up hitting the ceiling of my budget, as it scarcely makes sense not to in a situation like this.  If I spend half my budget on a combo unit now to save a few schillings in the short term, I know I'll end up spending the full amount, if not more, down the road anyhow.
  6. bowei006 Contributor


    :D that's exactly the big thing and a paradox on Head-Fi. the amoutn of money I spent already could have gotten me an HD 650...but i dont' have one. im just slowly moving up.

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