NorCal Meet Interest Check
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Ok it's been about 6 months since our last meet and I thought I'd gauge interest in another meet.

I'm thinking Mid January or early February for dates, on a Saturday as usual.

Location could be either a hotel on the Peninsula like last time near SFO or there is a great pub near me called the Englander that has a pretty huge room that we could potentially use. Upside is there are 80 beers on tap but the downside is the location while off 880 may not be convenient for many.

If you are interested in a meet in the next few months please just vote on a date and post in the thread if San Leandro at the Englander (providing they can do it) or a hotel in the SFO area is better for you.
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Actually, any of the dates and locations are fine with me.
Thanks for starting the thread!
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I'm interested. Feb is better for me but either location is fine.
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I think it was expensive though, the last venue.

I'm of course interested and flexible. Let me know JP!
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Originally Posted by penger /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Any of the dates is fine but San Leandro is a bit far for me. The venue at the last meet in August was pretty sweet imo.

what city are you in?
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All dates except Jan 16th is good with me. Either location is fine.

thanks for initiating this jp11801

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