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Noise Cancelling Headphones

  1. ericbellet
    Hi everyone,
    I am on the hunt for a pair of noise cancelling headphones so that I can really get in the zone at the office...  I have plenty of IEMs, mainly a pair of UE TF10s and the apple in ear headphones (which sound surprisingly good), so I am looking for a full size headphone.  I have narrowed down my search to two models.  The AKG 495NC and the Harman Kardon NC.  I know TONS more exist, however my employer gets a very good discount from Harman Kardon which brings both of these models to about 175.00 brand new.
    Thanks in advance for the input!
  2. stayfrosty
    not to be off topic but how loud is your office? I find it hard to believe that with some good closed back headphones or IEMs that you would be able to hear anything aside from the music may be a better option if its not crazy loud...
  3. ericbellet
    Its not very loud...I just listen to them ALL DAY and am looking for a comfortable pair...  5-7 hours with IEM's cause some pain.
  4. stayfrosty
    Hrm I myself have always steered away from active noise canceling( TBH I havent sampled many I always felt like im paying an extra premium when simply being passive noise reducing is sufficient), I definitely understand that long with IEMS can hurt, have you looked into any closed regular headphones? There are alot of good choices around that 200$ mark any kind of sound signature your looking for? I had some beyerdynamic Dt770s and they were very comfy blocked noise well and sounded really good.
    Also consider this with your 2 choices as well leather/pleather can get very hot if on your head all day so consider something with velour earpads
  5. andersonL
    Hi All,

    New to head-fi, first post!

    I'm considering a very similar upgrade, AKG K490 vs H/K NC. What did you decide and why? What pushed you over the edge?

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