Noble Audio - Introducing KATANA
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Brannan "The Glove" Mason
Jul 26, 2012
Introducing KATANA
Coming of Age
Worldwide debut at e-earphone's Summer Headphone Festival
(Tokyo, Japan)
Considered by many to have the perfect combination of balance, artistic beauty, and sharpness in its cutting edge, the Katana sword is by all accounts a precision instrument. As a tribute to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the finest examples, Wizard’s latest design bears the name Katana.​
Popularized due to its tremendous speed and versatility, Katana features proprietary Noble drivers throughout in a unique 9-driver per side configuration. With an extended top-end that generates airiness and outstanding imaging, Katana’s balance and control are the mark of a master that continues to refine his craft. Combined with a lush mid-range, impactful low-end, and Noble’s signature coherency, Katana is a serious tool in anyone’s arsenal.

Universal priced at $1850
Custom (SLA/Acrylic) from $1650/$1850
Prestige from $2850​
Available for reservation now at
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Is the treble area the largest difference from the K10?  Thanks!  Looks nice!
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Whoa!!!!! I'm seriously excited to hear these!!!! Will the Katana be considered to have a 'reference' or a more flat tuning?
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A reference sound signature is normally a flat balanced tuning.
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I want to know the sound signature compared to the k10
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A reference sound signature is normally a flat balanced tuning.

Correct. That's why I am asking if this tuning was Noble Audio's goal when tuning the Katana. Also because the K10U was the flagship which is known to be more musical with a lift in sub-bass and slightly rolled off treble.
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Airiness and imaging... All right!
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Interesting to see how these compare to Rhapsodio Galaxy - which is one fine reference IEM.
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Color me curious! 


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