NITSCH x Schiit Pietus Maximus Release/Impressions Thread
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Ohhhhhh I was forever contemplating either to buy Magni Unity or Midgard. I've been looking for a solid state unit to replace my Lyr 3 for a long time without success.

My concern was that Magni Unity or Midgard might be too neutral to my taste coming from Lyr 3.

Then purely by chance someone mentioned about this and I think this fits what I'm looking for! I had the original Piety but it had too much gain even in low gain, so it was unusable for me with Lawton TH900. That and the smaller unit always sounded small compared to Lyr 3.

So I hope this will address all of the issues. Looking forward to it!

If I were to nitpick..... I wish they sell the silver knob separately, I would've preferred silver knob on this unit. But that's just me..... :stuck_out_tongue:

Gain issues have been fixed, along with some other improvements. It isn't a Piety, it's a different sound. In a good way. If you contact Schiit they'll likely hook you up with another knob.
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This isn’t on the thread yet? Not much, but more information is always good. And pictures.

Cheers thanks for posting this! I am really bad about posting/sharing to forums… @CEE TEE and @Jason Stoddard knocked it out the park with this amp in my opinion:)
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Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 11.10.46 AM.jpeg

This photo briefly appeared (for like 1 minute) on the Nitsch website, but it's now gone.

Release imminent?! :sweat_smile::fingers_crossed:
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Don't scare me like that. The first Piety drop I made a note of and then forgot until about half an hour AFTER they were sold out, which took half a day so I had plenty of time. I got over it, and then convinced myself it was okay, because what I really wanted was something with a negative gain setting to play well with IEMs as well. I almost bought a Magni+ several times. and then finally ordered a Magni Unity which is still in transit. Only to then discover that the Pietus Maximus was going to happen.

I. Am. Not. Missing. This. Release.
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Unfortunately it outside my budget by quite a bit 😢 so I'll stick with my Midgard. But I'm very curious to hear some reviews whenever y'all get them in!

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