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Not denying your experience, but I've only had positive experiences with Gavin. I've purchased multiple items from him, and he has been extremely gracious with each purchase. My first one I was especially annoying. I never heard a Tralucent IEM, he is on the other side of the world, I was a bit nervous. He took a significant amount of time to answer all of my questions and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable, that every question was answered, and never once pushed for the sale. He went as far as telling me not to purchase some items from him because he felt I didn't need them. Quite the opposite of a sales experience. I can not say enough good about Gavin. He is a true gentleman and someone that loves music. He shares his knowledge and passion with others.

I completely agree. I bought 3 iems and had no problems at all. Gavin always very quickly answered my questions and was very professional and nice to deal with.
By the way, the initial uber too cable I received was defective (sound cutting in/out if I moved/adjusted the cable), and Gavin immediately sent me the new one - he shipped the new one before I even returned the faulty cable back to him.
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When I received my Ref 1 Too, I had an issue. One of my iems sounded messed up. I contacted Gavin, he responded immediately, was extremely apologetic, and he absolutely cared. Needless to say when I ripped open the cardboard box, like a child I might add, anyway was nothing wrong. IEMS were in perfect condition. When I ripped open the box and the iems, I gave a quick listen, they were fine, I put them back in box and drove home. When I tried them at home, they sounded off. When I out them back. In the box I managed to get a very tiny piece of cardboard in the earpiece.

Anyway, Gavin was there and responded. Gavin has helped me countless times, with advice and things I screwed up. Whenever he sells a new iem, I buy. I don't need to hear or read reviews. Best IEMS ever.
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Over the last 3 decades I invested in thousands of dollars in hi-fi and not once that I care about the manufacturing process nor the material used for those are information, whether that is proprietary or using average industry opened technologies, that is irrelevant to the end result of what we will hear from the hi-fi/headfi systems.
To obtain a holistic satisfactory result is an art but not putting numbers together.  
I used to own a pair of humble Venture La Precision speakers and its performance was way beyond my friend's Venture top model set up (can't remember the model of his speakers).  Having said that, it's all about the synergy of the system but not about individual's specifications.  
Gavin is one humble but highly experienced hobbiest as his portfolio (present and past) is way beyond we can imagine...he owns good and bad stuff and his opinions are mostly unbiased.  He used to own a lot of FitEar IEMs (more than we can imagine) while at the same time using the experience to fine tune the Tralucent IEMs.  
Should one keeps on drilling on the manufacturing process and I bet it's a waste of time [as you won't get much by obtaining such info] as the current Tralucent products are the results of fine tuning [of the prototype] to which is an art rather than manufacturing uniqueness.  
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For me, I also had wonderful experiences with Gavin for all my purchases. He never fail to answer my messages and always very willing to share, and very humble. Even after all these purchases, he still very responsive in returning my messages. The after sales service is a great experience for me.
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musicday I do believe that the others have stated that it may be the case that there will be no answers forthcoming in respect of trade secrets. I do believe Gavin has always entertained your queries previously on less sensitive subjects. So, it is hardly a case of anyone ignoring you. :)
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Very sad experience here not only for me but for a friend of mine also with mr.Gavin
I was really looking forward to find out about this earphone and purchase it eventually with the Uber Too cable, but seems this is not the case anymore.
I have contacted him 7 days ago with few questions about it and he decided to ignore my enquiry,very sad to see this. And i know he was talking to other in PMs so i don't know what happened but because of this i cannot recommend his brand to any of my friends.
Please keep in mind that this happened to a friend of mine, he waited a long time for a reply and he never got one.
He used to reply me with basics answers to my questions in the past.
I am pretty sure this has to do with my Uber Too cable enquiries but i just cannot pay 3080 USD for something i cannot try first now have a proper explanation of the manufacturer process and materials used.
I may go CIEM with a different friendlier maker.
Not much left to say now:disappointed:

Gavin not very well these 2 months. If you alway watch the tralucent thread, you know he is cancel the canjam trip due to his ear problem. He just back hk about 2 week. He still need to meet doctor and do some operation.

Give him some time, he will resume his work. And continue on the tralucent task at the end of this month.
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I made him a card, hopefully it helps. 
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Oh dear, sorry to hear Gav's under the weather. Ear problems are never fun.
Get well soon mate
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For three years I buy iems to gavin, I always had a very friendly relationship with him, he is attentive to the questions and late answers are always due to an event beyond its control.
I want to say that I look forward to my future tralucent plus 5, and I hope the synergy plus 5/ HM 901S will be perfect

from france
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Pinnacle of enjoyment... :)
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I fixed it for you Kiats.

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