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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. CreditingKarma
    @JasonNYC is there any update on roon support? I am waiting to see how this will work in my system.
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  2. Markus Tappeser
    Hi Srom, I purchased several months ago a 4 and 8 core cable from this brand.
    No problem at all with my spkm.

  3. S Crowther
    Dekoni fenestrated.
    I thinkT AK t5p v2 is a limited edition
  4. S Crowther
    Dekoni sheepskin fenestrated.
    I think the AK t5p v2 is a limited edition. They are available on Amazon.
  5. seaharp1
    Yes...I have theAK t5p v2.
    I was interested in the model Dekoni pads you have.
  6. S Crowther
    The standard beyerdynamic t5p pads fit. They are in the Dekoni web site:
    "Dekoni’s DT78990 Pads fit:
    Beyerdynamic DT770Pro and Premium, DT1770Pro, DT880Pro and Premium, DT990 Pro and Premium, DT1990, T1, Amiron, T5p, Custom One Series And many more"
  7. cheznous
    So if you powered on and off and all sounds fine then you have not really established firmware changes sound once update completed correctly.
    You conclusion does not match your experience in that all sounds fine once update done.
  8. Dionysus
    I tried out the The new Jerry Harvey EQ thats available on the AK site for the SP1000. I think it sounds good, I’m not a big EQ person i think that AK house sound is the best for daps. I also spent the 9 minutes watching his video and was an interesting watch. Has anyone else dropped this file on their players? Interested in what you all think.
  9. ksalno
    The way I read it, it’s custom made for the Layla AION.
  10. DeepSouth
    Do you guys know of any totl headphones that work well with sp1000 +amp module?
  11. piphil
  12. piphil
    DSC_3595 copie.jpg
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  13. olddude
    Jerry says it is for all versions of the Layla. It's not for other iems or cans. I tried it for fun, didn't do much for my EE Zeus, but then it wasn't made for it. The interview was very interesting, though.
  14. Dionysus
    Agreed, I understand it was made for Layla’s. I tried it for fun, I didn’t mind it. However when I switch between the EQ and the house sound, I know why I love the AK sound no EQ.
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  15. mvvRAZ
    I'm a bit late to the party but I recently got the AK SP1000M and boy what an upgrade that was...

    Opened my eyes to what good treble is
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