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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Luisonic
    Thanks noplsestar, meat to answer your post!

    Cost is limited to my reasonable 1.5k euro flexible! That is Elegia + cable for me... and the Stellia... the color... I don’t know!
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  2. Luisonic
    Thanks! Looking at MrSpeakers Ether flow c1.1... seems that some prefer the T5p though, which come with the cable...
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  3. noplsestar
    Aeon Flow closed is great but needs enough juice to shine!
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  4. SpeleoFool
    Heh. You don't have to look at the Stellias when they're parked on your head, and anyone else who would judge the color has probably never heard them. :)

    Anyway, I have both. Elegias are my everyday headphones for work. I like them so much I bought a second pair and defaced them with a modmic so I can use them for gaming. I've also used that same headset for conference calls for work, though the Elegias are so revealing that I feel like I can hear what people had for lunch, lol.

    Impedance is, I want to say, 36-ish ohms? That's from memory. In any case, they work well with the SPK and SPKM. Bonus points: they come with Focal's very well-made case that is perfect protection if you're going to commute with them.

    The stock cable is trash, but if you're going to upgrade to a 2.5mm balanced then that's not really an issue. I have a desktop rig at the office (Topping DX7s + THX AAA 789) and use a 2.5 -> XLR adapter for listening there:

    Pictured above is Moon Silver Dragon cable, though I use this "cheapie" with my other pair of Elegias:

    The Dragon cable is great, but a little stiff. I got the cable from Amazon in 2m and it is very supple, a good length for desktop use and not too long or cumbersome for portable use.
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  5. Luisonic
    Thanks man!
    Yup! That’s the thing, that juice is limited to what the SPKM can shoot... should be enough for some cans, but not all, regardless of lowish impedance, which is why I’m asking those who own and actually use the gear...
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  6. Luisonic
    Nice gear man!
    In fact, wether T5p AK tuned, or Elegia, you need a decent balanced cable to get good sound out of the player with no amp...
    Mmmm strong contender!
  7. olddude
    That was helpful. Thanks.

    Edit- Well, that's weird. Jason posted a link to Jerry Harvey talking about eq for the 1000SP and his iems, as well as a link to an eq setting for the SP. Gone. Just to be clear, THAT is what I was posting about.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  8. S Crowther
    Why not the ak variant of the t5p?
  9. stefzulj
    Anyone using the AK T5P 2nd gen with SP1000/M? If so, how do you find the pairing compared to other full size?
  10. S Crowther
    I am using them with SP1000 not M.
    I did not like them at all out of the box. Unnaturally bass heavy and boomy. They needed a health warning on the box: bass heads only.
    I changed to Dekoni pads and the sq changed radically. I like them a lot, especially with the amp for the SP1000. Still occasionally a little too much bass warmth for my taste but overall natural and involving sounding with good depth, imaging and wide staging. With the AK I prefer them to my other closed cans, Ultrasone ed.5 unlimited.
    My Sennheiser HD800s sound more transparent and resolving of course being open backed.
  11. TYATYA
    @JasonNYC my spk back plate is REALLY loose. It move floatting free approximately 0.2mm each direction.
    I know in this club other guys talk about it also.
    I remember your post told it won't fall out any way.
    Can you explain how floating but can not fly out by drawing or words in detail?
    Back plate mounting of 1000 is my dissapointment of Ak.
    My 120ii is solid rock
  12. Luisonic
    Thanks for the info!
    That's what I'm worried about, since for some reason it seems that lots of cans come in the bass-heavy range... and I prefer soundstage and imaging.

    Do you use them with the AK 2.5 cable?
  13. S Crowther
  14. Luisonic
    Then again, maybe I'm a bit vaccinated loving the Atlas a couple of hours a day every day...
  15. hemtmaker
    All good. I went to the dealer and their demo unit does that too. It’s normal
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