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New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Toolman, May 15, 2017.
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  1. Giraku
    AK SP1000 comes in 2 variations, stainless steel (SS) and copper (Cu).
  2. Giraku
  3. DeepSouth
    SP1000 SS and CU are the flagship models, SP1000M are the compact versions, still premium, I think some are anodized blue aluminum body, and the other could be gold plated brass. The SP1000M is smaller, sounds nearly the same but I don't have much time with one, cheaper by a little, lighter, but smaller file capacity on the blue, the gold is a little heavier than the blue and offers a bigger storage.
  4. DeepSouth
    I think they had limited edition black for a short period too.
  5. CreditingKarma
    You also loose the optical out on the spkm versions. If you plan to use this as a source for another dac like the Hugo TT2.
  6. aaf evo
    The black is still available for purchase. I don’t believe it’s a limited edition
  7. Giraku
    Yes. But I'm talking about the case material. Black version is stainless steel. Material affects the sound, but the coating/color does not.
  8. Giraku
    AK ended the production of the black version. You can still spot them in the wild, but it is limited.
  9. Giraku
    BTW, in Japan, SPKMG is limited to 200 units only. AK hasn't said anything about "Limited" for the units in the US market.
  10. aaf evo
    Oh I had no idea. Onyx Black in both M and regular SP1000 is available to buy in A&K US website.
  11. Giraku
    Onyx Black SPK is sold out worldwide. I just checked US site and confirmed.
  12. aaf evo
    Whoops you are right.
  13. mattmc1228
    I just purchased a SP1000 in black on eBay for $1900.
    Had the SP1000m, but much prefer the 1000
  14. aaf evo
    That is an amazing price, what do you prefer about the regular 1000?
  15. mattmc1228
    I caught it at the right time.
    No box or accessories, but in brand new condition.
    Couldn't resist.
    SP1000 is a brick. I have never felt quality like that before.
    I am running the Tia's with it
    This pairing is it for me.
    Great soundstage, full bodied sound, so detailed,
    Just an overall better sound signature for me.
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