New Sennheiser Headphone: HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
  1. endgame
    Awesome headphones.
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  2. mysticstryk
    Let me know when there is actually something to show.
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  3. iAudio365
    Is this a joke? Or for real? This picture, and why on earth would you just post part of the headphones? Show us the whole thing lol.

    Are you under a NDA or something?
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  4. Beagle
    HD820 is to the HD800 as the K872 is to the K812?
  5. XERO1
    NOMAX likes to tease, but he's 100% legit.

    If he posts something, then it's for real. :alien:
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  6. Nomax
    The people on Head Fi knows....that NOMAX makes no Jokes

    Regards few weeks i will show you a little bit more lol
  7. Alcophone
    The Evan Blass of headphones...

    That sounds dirty. Make sure there's headphone bits in there!
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  8. Me x3
    Nice one Nomax!

    I guess and HD800/S with a less open or closed mesh where the silver one is, could make sense. Sennheiser's take on a semi-open design.
    Some people want fuller bass and lower midrange, along with a slightly narrower / less distant soundstage relative to the current HD800 and HD800S. This could be the answer.
  9. endgame
    I’d settle for an 800S V2. Just take it a little further. Make it sound just like the 800S but with more sub bass and 2 decibels less treble and I will literally throw money at Sennheiser. And don’t mess with the soundstage at all. Keep it wonderfully large and in charge.
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  10. vrln
    Here´s a little question you may be able to answer without giving out too much info: does it still use the same connectors as HD800 (S)? And wishful thinking would be to get to know if it´s open, semi-open or closed (but yeah, I guess we´ll need to wait for that one).
  11. Beagle
    Yeah, why such secrecy anyway? If it's in the pipeline and eventually coming out, just say when and show what it is. I'm tired of these stupid games.
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  12. LaCuffia
    Well the 660s sort of came out of the blue too so expect similar rollout with whatever this is. I remember someone posting a pic of the 660s from RMAF and everybody was like “what the hell is that ?!” Part of the fun I guess.
  13. daltonlanny
    I agree with Beagle.
    No need for such secrecy.
    Just get it out in the open, if it's really a legitimate product!
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  14. Beagle
    That's what I like about Grado. When they announce a new product, it is ready to go and you can order it. You don't wait two years to drum up interest and/or have them built.
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  15. iAudio365
    It’s all part of putting the hype train wheels in motion that’s all, we know it’s coming I’m sure we’ll see more soon.

    Just do what I do and forget about it till you see some user reviews or get some real information, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it untill you hear it from sennheiser themselves. Then we pre order :)
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