Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. svo360
    any news? updates?
  2. Alcophone
    I'm hoping they will casually be revealed when Sennheiser opens their store in SF:
    Along with showing the HE1, of course.
    If you sign up, you get a voucher for a 10% discount at the store. I love that it ends thusly: "*excluding the Sennheiser HE1"
  3. HoloSpice
  4. PeterZhu
    Wow. it looks cool.:smile:
  5. iAudio365
    Oh man, I hope this is true, I love my hd800S having something above them would amazing
  6. vrln
    According to Sennheiser´s naming practices, this would be their new flagship. Bigger numbers always means better there, same as with the previous closed back HD 630 (vs. 650 and 700 being superior). My guess: it´s hard to say from that blurry photo, but I think that´s just a black metal mesh behind the driver (just like the silver one in the HD 700/HD 660 S). Black seems to be the color of choice in all of their new headphones (IE 800 S, HD 800 S, HD 660 S), so it would make sense for them to continue the trend in their next flagship. Also the mesh being that large seems to indicate a ring driver, possibly even larger than the one in HD 800. In other words I´d say we´re looking at a new open back flagship priced above the HD 800 S. As for wireless, that wouldn´t mix well with their just launched HDV820, but time will tell... Hopefully we´ll see something early next year, maybe even at CES.
  7. Nomax
    .......very very nice:)



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    What a tease lol
  9. HoloSpice
  10. Alcophone
    That doesn't actually look that closed! They better have them at the SF store tomorrow :-D
  11. XERO1
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  12. SHAMuuu

    At that level, the baller$ would be like here's 50k _PLUS TIP_ $$$

    hd820 doesn't leave a nice taste in the mouth

    hd1000 has a nicer sound. :D
  13. Deftone
    Nah HD900
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  14. SHAMuuu
    I was just sitting here saying these out loud, and hd900 was one of them

    "HD .....Nine HUNDRED!"

    "HD, One THOUSAND"

    the 1k just sounded sweet on my tongue, but hey! I'd take 900 over 820 :)
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  15. Deftone
    I think why HD900 sounds much better to me is because for a while I’ve been used to saying HE1000 from Hifiman.
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