NEW Ref 8 IEM cable by ALO

Discussion in 'ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum' started by kb, Oct 21, 2016.
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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Hmm another good angle.

    Ken, ken!! Where are you?

    (Need a neko bus).
  2. KB Contributor
    Hey Guys,
    No, the Litz is our stock IEM cable and will remain as such. The Ref 8 will replace the SXC24 and the Copper22 variants.
    #3 I would rather let users comment here.. Keep in mind that our stock Litz cable IMO is so far away and above any other "stock" included IEM cable out there and in fact the Litz cable to me is worthy of a "upgrade" cable title. The Litz cable is really hard to beat.
    The Ref 8 IEM cable is constructed via 8 x 32 awg conductors. 4 of them are certified OCC copper, and the other 4 are Silver Plated OFC copper. 
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  3. 2k13
    What about the impedance of this cable?
  4. KB Contributor
    Hi 2K13,
    I did not measure this but my friends at Westone did, .8 ohm very low impedance.
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  5. 2k13

    That's pretty low.
    Thanks Ken.
  6. ExpatinJapan
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  7. Dizzle77
    I'm thinking of getting the Ref8 for my 64Audio U8. Does the ref8 only come with translucent rubber around jack and connectors?

    I've seen some photos where these parts are black. Is it possible to choose black when ordering?

    Also how long would delivery be to uk?
  8. mashuto
    Just got mine in today. I really like the braiding, but (comparing to the litz cable that came with my vega) it is quite a bit stiffer, less supple and less flexible, and I am finding it has noticeably more microphonics. Has this been others experience too?
  9. odevans
    Have many people tried this with the Andromeda? If so, could you mention any differences in sound?
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  10. Crypticmx
    I'm interested in getting one for my recently acquired Jupiters, if anyone tries that combination out let me know what you think and what differences does it bring compared to the stock Litz.
  11. ExpatinJapan
  12. Ricky64
    I was considering this for my Vega and InEar Prophile 8. I did note though, that the InEar folks specified a cable impedence in the upper ones (1.7). Curious what happens if a lower impedence cable is substituted?
  13. Crypticmx
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  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    Very keen to grab one of these for my Noble K10Us. I’m wondering if it’ll give it just a wee nudge in the sub-bass? K10s sound great with just about every genre except certain drum & bass.
  15. haoyuan
    I have to say after using the R8 for 3 months that it finally clicked to me one day on why it's called Reference 8. All my other cables including the ones I made are more colored comparing to the R8. Just now I was wanting a bit more punch and life with Andromedas so I went back to my old cables and the difference is clear. If you want more reference/neutral sound over what you've already had then this will give it to you, though whether it's a good thing or not is totally subjective.
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