*NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT* Jerry Harvey Audio Lola™ Hybrid CIEM and Universal

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  1. goodvibes
    And without needing to handle bass, it doesn't have to. This sort of loading really controls the drivers and the bandpass is awesome for this as he can get a steep slope without phase shift. IEMs play by the rules of physics but have a different set of parameters than speakers as you're dealing with pressure waves instead of soundwaves. Though technically possible, this design would be extremely difficult to get a good result from a loudspeaker but is great for this use. I suppose you could actually do something like this for IEM bass as well but it gets large. They'd need strong motors, heavy diaphragms and a much larger tube. The passive EQ you'd need to sound linear in the low bass would be tough as well. When Jerry was saying that dynamics are sloppy, I think he meant it in a relative way. It's difficult to get both extension, perceived linearity and the sort of delineation at the same time compared to how he can control the character and response of his BA designs. He also requires great isolation so venting outside the shell is not in the mix. That would mean a small diaphragm dynamic with long excursion to achieve a low enough fundamental resonance point which will generally show less efficiency, control and more distortion. The limited shell volume (sans vent) also prevents using multiples as it's effectively the same as using one larger one. Smaller diaphragm that goes low is exactly what you want for this purpose (BA). The limit would be amplitude but he's crossed that bridge by tailoring multiple drivers a long time ago.
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  2. UELong
    I'm not actively on the market for a new IEM persay.  But, it sounds too interesting to me not to give it a  listen, at least.  I have an Angie, and would like to compare.
  3. Audiowood
    Can't wait..
  4. esung
    Looking for a review!
  5. Stillhart
    I've been told review units won't be available until the end of next month.  We'll have to be patient...
  6. fzman Contributor
    What is this mysterious thing you call "patience"????
  7. Luckyleo
    I've had these beautiful fun cans for a couple weeks. Have over 250+ hours on them. they did change slightly, for the better. I spoke to Angie at JHA and she believed that they required about 250 of burn in. Bass is tight, impactful. The mid's are buttery smooth. I used them with the QP1r and then switched to the A&K Kann. Big difference. Moved the base from 2 o'clock to 12 noon. Wonderful. Great soundstage. I also have the JH 16v2 and have to say that these are better. They both have the same sound signature, but these just are more fun by a hair, The Kann gives them a bigger soundstage, and a melodic impact that the QP1r just doesn't do justice to. Get this combo guys, you won't regret it if you like toe tapping fun :O
  8. raelamb
    Coincidentally I just got my custom JH16V2's today after about 8 years with Version 1 and I am thrilled right out of the box. Love the control over the bass and having 2 more tweeters just makes the highs bloom that much more. I must say the profusion of Jerry Harvey models over the last couple of years has confounded me a bit and I'm glad I waited through the release of all the "sisters" and went with the improvement of what I already loved.
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