NEW Grado PS2000e Headphones

  1. MoonAudio Contributor

    The flagship PS2000e headphones feature an elegant look with a hand-carved maple inner chamber and a new Smoked Chrome finish. A wider leather head-strap with added padding make for a more comfortable experience.

    The sonic signature of Maple that Grado first used in their limited edition GH1 delivers a unique desired response. Cladding the wood with metal alloy eliminates ringing and other unwanted distortions. The PS2000e uses a new driver design that also minimizes signal colorations for un-obscured detail in your music.

    Grado researched and selected materials of the highest grade, from the speaker chassis, to the wire, voice coil and magnets. The diaphragm geometry was redesigned to more accurately convey the signal into music. Developing the new front cap and grill for the new driver resulted in minimized diffractions of the signal emitting from the diaphragm. All this is mounted in a proprietary hybrid housing which gives the driver the utmost support and eliminates distortion and resonance, allowing only the actual signal to come through.

    The PS2000e 'sound stage' is immense and you will enjoy the space and placement of each individual musician. If the artist performed it, and the engineer captured it on the recording, you will hear it.

    Thank You.

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    Moon Audio
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