New Grace Design m920 DAC/amp with DSD decoding
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  Wow, that's unfortunate.  Do you mind if you ask what speakers?  My boss and I just ordered a pair of KEF LS50's for our office from Massdrop.
My m920 from Massdrop was brand new, in the original box, and came with the original manufacturer's warranty.
I do know that sometimes there can be disputes between manufacturers, vendors, and Massdrop, but I have never had this issue.
I have also gotten a Woo Audio WA7, Sennheiser HD 700's, and CEntrance MasterClass 2504's, and never had an issue with support.  One of the tweeters in my MasterClass 2504's developed a buzzing sound (I wasn't the only one apparently), and CEntrance had no issue replacing the driver in my speaker.  In-fact, I met Michael Goodman, the founder and CEO of CEntrance at T.H.E. Show Newport Beach 2014, and I talked to him about getting my speakers through Massdrop, and he said he loved the site (which is probably why there have been so many CEntrance drops, including custom items made specifically for Massdrop).

The speakers were from Ascend Acoustics.  Never again!
Your experience with other manufacurers providing support for their products purchased off of Massdrop is encouraging.
As far as KEF goes, it's encouraging that they have an authorized outlet for factory seconds or returns:  Accessories4less.  I purchased some Q100's from them for a desktop system, and one of the grills was defective (the speakers were otherwise flawless).  I don't use the grills so that worked out very nicely.   I'm now leaning towards KEF for my next main-system speakers (it will be the 4th pair of KEF's I've owned - great company).
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Yeah, so far I have not had any issues.  I actually met the audiophile staff of Massdrop at CanJam Socal 2015, and they were really nice.  I ended up hanging out with them for quite a while.
KEF is a great company for sure.  We have a handful of their speakers around my office for general use (I work for AEA; we make high-end ribbon microphones).  I'm probably going to try the LS50's in the mixing room once they come as it will be fun to compare them to what we have in there (ATC SCM25A Pro's and ProAC Studio 100's).  I would love to get to hear those Blade 2's though.  The Uni-Q driver in the LS50's comes from the Blade 2's.
Getting back on topic, if you ever see the m920 on Massdrop again, I wouldn't worry about it.  I forgot to mention, Grace was actually active in the discussion on Massdrop for the m920 during its two drops and were answering questions on a semi-regular basis.
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You'll want to set it for USB Class 2 (it comes out of the box set to Class 1), so if you're on Windows, you'll need to install the drivers (it actually won't let you install them if you have the device set to Class 1 as it won't detect it, Class 1 and Class 2 are separate devices as far as software is concerned).  If you plan to use the device as a standalone DAC (or at least use the unbalanced output for something that has its own volume attenuator), you might want to enable the standalone DAC jumpers inside the unit, which disable the volume control for the unbalanced output, bypassing the volume attenuator and keeping your signal a bit more pure.  Lastly, you should probably play with the different filters, and see which one you like best.

On mine, the only setting in the menu I have changed is the USB setting for Class 2, and I have the standalone DAC jumpers enabled, as my unbalanced output is going to two devices that have their own preamps (a NAD D 3020 and a Woo Audio WA7).
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Hi youngbell.
I can't seem to find the reference at the moment, but someone of authority mentioned that burn-in of solid state electronics is more of an adjustment of what "awesome" sounds like to your ear, rather than the actual electronics burning in.  Personally, I found the m920 to sound amazing right out of the box, but earlier in this thread thought I heard something "funny" when multiple high energy voices were present.  Come to find out, I believe it was just my ear getting accustomed to the accuracy and detail of the m920, and possibly the sound of the Sabre DAC.
I'd drive it like you stole it right out of the box.  Enjoy!
- Dave

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