NEW - Empire Ears HERO IEMs (Arrives September 1st)
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Feb 1, 2011
Empire Ears HERO IEMs
$1,349.00 USD

Pre-order NOW
Available September 1st

Order now and to receive a Founder’s Editions set of the newest IEMs as a sincere, Thank You to all those who have helped us come this far in. From the very beginning of our history, IEMs have represented dreams, hopes, and aspirations. The development of Hero was an indispensable step. With a limited run of 100 units, you will get a serialized IEMs, autographed Production Photograph, Founder's Edition Plaque, Dean Vang's signature, and signatures of the entire production team.


The hero is relentless, fierce, and unapologetic – a renunciation of rules, preconceptions and everything that’s expected from it. It represents a tour de force of Empire’s expertise and craftsmanship, elevating musicality presentation to a level non-existent in its tier. With DNA sourced directly from Legend X and Zeus XIV, Hero reveres our past to emulate flagship levels of performance without the flagship admission.

The heart of Hero is a proprietary quad hybrid configuration comprised of proprietary triple balanced armatures and a next-generation W9+ subwoofer. This staunch combination generates legendary bass response while delivering lush, intimate vocals and supreme detail retrieval via a 4-ways synX crossover network backed by ARC resonance mitigation technology.

Every element of Hero is a combination of reminiscence to our history and it embodies our relentless quest to push the limits of possibility. Its sophisticated design, proprietary technology, and extraordinary audio reproduction capabilities make it a class-dominating masterpiece.

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