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New CEntrance DACportable dac-amp

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jerseyd, Mar 1, 2016.
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  1. JerseyD
    CEntrance introduced a new Indiegogo campaign last night to roll out their new DACportable. This will be a portable DAC-Amp that follows the form factor of the DACport HD and adds a rechargeable battery. Will be compatible with Apple iOS, Android and all laptops/desktops.
    Check it out here:
    This product takes the DACport HD's functionality (plus battery) and adds bass and treble boost similar to those found in their HiFi M8.  Introductory price of $259 plus shipping (projected retail price is $400). What do you think about the concept and form factor? 
  2. Currawong Contributor
    The first time Mike told me he was going to make the M8 years ago I suggested he make it smaller, so I reckon this is a good idea. 
  3. JerseyD

    This form factor does not look very pocket-friendly, but I think they are already pretty far down the development road and not likely to change it to be wider and thinner, which will probably cost them some sales.
  4. ExpatinJapan
    Hifi M8 - Mini-M8 - Hifi-Skyn and now the DACportable.
    I have the first three and enjoy the sound signature. Hifi-Skyn is a good size for me.
  5. kessomatt
    Do you notice a difference in the power output with the skyn compared to the M8?  Trying to figure out if I can sell my m8 for the dacportable since it is smaller.  I only use the dt990(250) and the he400 from hifiman.
  6. tylerchris
    @JerseyD to your point on the Skyn thread that the Dacportable is looking like it might actually be MFi certified... You're right, I didn't notice that "**" footnote above:

    What Does it Work With?

    DACportable is designed to support a wide variety of digital sources, from laptops to desktops, to tablets, to phones. The unit is plug-and-play on Mac OS. As a famous driver developer firm, we have drivers for Windows XP through 10. Linux and newer Android devices are supported out of the box. iOS is supported as well!** You really cannot go wrong with DACportable. It will bring sweet music to your ears, no matter what you use for playback at work, at home, or in between.
    **Native iOS compatibility pending Apple approval.
    Given a lot of the discussion around this from Centrance coming out of the Skyn delays is that they won't make this subject to any 3rd party approvals, I'm not quite sure what to make of this. The fact that they aren't advertising more broadly that this will be natively iPhone compatible makes me think that they're going to try to, but won't promise it (and thus aren't marketing it as such).
    If it were to be MFi certified, it's basically a Mini-M8 with less outputs, smaller form factor, and newer DAC (AK4490) and Amp ("Amp Extreme" from Skyn) technology. Which could definitely be interesting.
    It's not for me as I like my HiFi-M8 for my Ether C's (with 4-pin XLR), and my Skyn (for my IEMs), but I could see there being a market for it.
  7. JerseyD
    It would not shock me if they do seek Apple approval but begin selling the units prior to getting it, because hey, it's for Android too.
  8. kessomatt

    What are your thoughts on the power output compared to the m8? I emailed Michael and he gave me a vague answer that said "power should not be a problem since it's the same amp as the m8". But power does matter. Or is it so close that it's a non issue?
  9. eugenius
    I like CEntrance and it might sound a little better but really, Oppo HA2 is 300$. Way better form factor, design and build quality.
  10. crazydeep
    This seems like a great product and I'm putting my HiFi M8 for sale today. If I get a buyer for the M8, I'm signing up for the DAC portable.
    Also, I just found out that international shipping is $40 extra - initially I thought shipping was part of the $259 pledge since it says "$259 USD + Shipping ... Ships Worldwide".
    That would take the price (for international buyers) to $300, so definitely worth having a look at the Oppo HA2 before getting onboard with the DACportable. I haven't heard the HA2 but I have the Oppo PM2 so I'm assuming that they'll work well together. Jumping onto the HA2 thread now to take a look ...
  11. upsguys88
    how much are you guys looking to sell your m8's for? I'm looking for the apple version.
  12. jacal01
    I'm in.  Haven't done much with CEntrance since M8 early adoption days.
    Not pocket friendly?  Have you checked out SCOTTeVEST?  There ya go.  [​IMG]
    Currawong likes this.
  13. ikit
    I owned a Dacport Slim, and really enjoyed it's performance. It would be nice if Dacportable  has a flat wider form, which I prefer more than the current design. Anyway, I'm going for the perk.
    cardeli22 likes this.
  14. upsguys88
    how do you all think this compares to the hifi-m8? enough power for alpha dogs?
  15. ikit
    Dacpotable supported Headphones: 16...600 Ohm
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