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New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works

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  1. runeight
    Well, sort of...
    Latest set of boards have been made (with some corrections over previous). They will ship out to the guys who are assembling the protos today. These guys have kindly agreed to build the protos over the holidays. If they work (i.e., no problems with boards or assembly) I might have a proto in early Jan.
    Crossing my fingers...
  2. bIack

    Waiting. :)
  3. runeight
    Yeah, I know. It's been frustrating for me at times with the delays.
  4. bIack
    I was being supportive.:wink:
  5. bmichels
    some preliminary specs yet ?  Pleaaaase [​IMG]
  6. runeight
    Thanks. Yes, I knew that. This has taken a bit longer than we planned with some unnecessary delays. I've been pretty frustrated at times because I want to hear the thing too. [​IMG]
    I have heard the output stage (the one that appeared at the show), but not the entire digital/analog combination together. I want to know if we've achieved what we hoped for.
    I'm happy to provide more details as soon as I have something in hand. I think I gave some info earlier in the thread. I do want to talk about it, but not too soon.
  7. bearFNF Contributor
    Thanks for responding, when you are ready to talk, we are here...[​IMG] "AASG" -> Audiophiles Anonymous Support Group [​IMG]
  8. smial1966
    The first step to recovery is buying another headphone amplifier... Er, or something like that!


    . subscribed
  10. jonny564
    Looking forward to pics for this, would be awesome if it could power a pair of 650's to the fullest.
  11. runeight
    I'm going to do my best.......
  12. HK_sends
    It's more important to take your time and get things right than to cater to us very, highly, extremely, impatient people clamoring at the door with torches and pitchforks waiting for this to come out...[​IMG]
    Seriously, I'd rather wait until it's a solid product than something thrown out the door just to placate us. [​IMG]
    I wish you great success with this!  This is the first Cavalli Audio product I am really interested in trying especially since I haven't had the financial resources to try the full size amps (but they are on my list for the future).
    Cheers and Happy New Year![​IMG]
    -HK sends
    bearFNF likes this.
  13. runeight
    Hello Gents. Here is some progress.
    This, obviously, the 3D model wire frame for the protos.
    And here are some photos of the prototype being fitted together.
    Next step is to complete the boards and to test for basic audio functionality. That is, does it do its D2A properly. Do all inputs work. Does it make sound in headphones. Etc.
    Please remember that this is the prototype.
    Once these are tested fully functional (assuming that there are no problems) they'll be sent to me so I, with the help of a few other key individuals, can decide if we go into production, if any changes need to be made, and I can put the CA logo on them. [​IMG]
    ultrabike likes this.
  14. bIack

    :) Things starting to pull together....
  15. sachu
    woot woot!! sign me up!!
    Hope it works with IEMs like the UERM with a super low noise floor. 
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