New Cavalli Audio Portable Amp officially in the works

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  1. TSAVJason
    I'm sure Mark saw the Spark at CanJam NYC. I'm sure he knows about it. I don't know if he's placed an order or not. If you're concerned about getting the lower price, it's my understanding that distributors outside the US are not offering the pre-order $500 price. It maybe be that Cavalli hasn't opened pre-orders to international distributors yet. Just my best guess
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  2. BunnyNamedCraig
    I want to say on behalf of Music To My Ear we apologize for having inaccurate pre production specifications on our website... That info was put up many months ago, and we appreciate it being brought to our attention! We are taking it down tomorrow morning so there will be no more confusion...
  3. Jorge Luna

    Can you specify what is incorrect here?
  4. Jorge Luna

    I feel like we need a reset on this thread. What inaccurate statements are you apologizing for? Can we get an official statement from Cavalli. Warren can't be that busy that he can't take a moment to clarify the situation regarding this thing.
  5. TSAVJason
    Warren appears to be far to busy to even post a q&a thread he was asked to post 3 days ago.
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  6. TSAVJason
    Cavalli new products update page is up and there for your comments.
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  7. Shawnb
    So it's now August. What's the status on this and is it shipping anytime soon?
  8. muziq
    It's very disappointing that we've received no news. Has Cavalli closed? Nothing for sale on their website except some small t-shirts.
  9. RuFrost
    I remember, there was naming competition, where "Liquid Spark" by "Mikko L" has won. In was couple years ago, if I'm not mistaken. I have been searching for it through those two years and see some photos of it and no impressions at all. No news about it being on sale. Any news about it? I do not even know where to ask such questions on this forum.
    If anybody know anything, please, let us know here! I will try to recollect some info in media format in this post:

    Both versions are shown. Straight case is an old version, and the new one is shiny and originally looking like nothing else on the market. Full discrete amp..
    2) "For the public at large, Cavalli introduced its smallest and least expensive amp to date, a beautiful little portable unit that—via a recent contest open to the Head-Fi community—has been named the Liquid Spark. The Spark is a fully discrete (that is, no op-amps, anywhere) portable amp that can put out a very conservatively rated 350mW @ 50 Ohms, and that plays for 15 hours per battery charge. The final price is yet to be determined, but should fall in roughly the $500 range. Best of all, the little Spark provides a full-sized measure of the famously neutral and authoritative Cavalli Sound."
    3) Photos:
    10981438_833846880004546_8208174241063343227_n.jpg 11390332_859720107417223_7993541541957755373_n.jpg 12030568_913233652065868_4293822234677644148_o.jpg 12047000_913910398664860_6320384412860164564_n.jpg 12235004_935105583212008_89446875175900940_n.png 12710991_977311088991457_5156696939564019896_o.jpg Cavalli_Liquid_Spark_cropped.jpg Cavalli-1.jpg cavalli-2560.jpg cavilli.jpg RMAF-Cavalli-1-1024x768.jpg
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  10. TimeLord
    I’m afraid it is not looking good for the Liquid Spark. All information regarding it has gone silent. In fact, the dealers that took pre-orders for it have refunded the deposits.
    You can read more about it on this thread. I think most of the information are around pages 7 and 8.•-2017-line-up-•-questions-updates.845115/page-7
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  11. RuFrost
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