New, Burson Conductor 3 Reference: Dual 9038 DAC, 7.5Wpc Head Amp, Preamp, Changeable Opamps
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FWIW, I tested 105db/mW 16Ohm IEM's (QKZ VK4) on the V3 without any noise. There was some in the beginning (burn-in time?). I am still not sure what triggered it, but it is gone now. Besides the fact the output is ridiculously hot (pre-amp gain=low/vol set to 15). The same IEM's produced some noticeable background noise on the V2+.

I use these IEM's only for portable use on my LG V30 phone and are very enjoyable, neutral, detailed sounding.

In the end, which one is the quietest one on these 105dB/mW IEMs: CV2 or CV3?

Thank you!
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In the end, which one is the quietest one on these 105dB/mW IEMs: CV2 or CV3?

Thank you!

I would have to lie in order to give a precise answer on the difference. But I can say this, the V3 is dead silent with the volume gain at max (pre-amp gain low or hi) and with any type of headphone. Which is to be expected for digital volume control.

I don't like to do too many tests where I have IEM's plugged directly into my ears and the amp gain on full throttle. I do like to preserve my eardrums for a little while longer.
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[...]Which is to be expected for digital volume control.[...]

There are several types of noises inside such a combo:
- DAC noise
- I/V noise
- LPF noise
- gain stage (Voltage Amplification Stage)
- output buffers noise
The most output noise is around I/V, LPF and VAS.

If the volume is digitally controlled then all the above noises are summing up and some very sensitive headphones might pick it up in a very quiet room.

Placing an analogue potentiometer somewhere between LPF and output buffer will lower the inner output noise when using low volume, so this scenario should be preferred by IEM lovers. However, in this scenario the thermal (Johnson) noise will get added by the analogue potentiometer and when volume knob will pass 12 o'clock this noise might get at least measurable...if not even audible. So, for regular sensitivity headphones this scenario might not be the best, while for low sensitivity headphones both scenarios will work like a charm.
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What can I say....I just had a friend over and we were cranking up Led Zepplin II - (the special reel-to-reel re-master), which placed us directly in the studio...or at least in the control room. It sounded phenomenally live and present. The Classic V6 has amazing musical texture but still enough micro detail and dynamic range preservation. I can hear the frets and picks on Jimmy Page's guitar, Jon Bonham's clapping on the garbage can on Ramble On. The drum solo on Moby Dick killed it.

You really need a special DAC to capture the live nature of these sessions. Whole Lotta Love still gives me chills today, (almost) 50 years later. If you can find the reel-to-reel version of this classic, it's a must-have. The V3 + V6 Classic op-amp is the perfect combination for this type of music.

Thanks Burson!
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good. burson's customer service is exemplary imo. please let us know how the replacement unit turns out.
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I don't see any 48V boost-converter chip on the motherboard, so definitely no Phantom Power inside the CV3 combo. I also don't think CV3 was designed with studio mics in mind, so all you get is most likely a regular 3.5mm mic for voice apps.
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Are you aware of an audiophile DAC/combo that even has a mic input? AFAIK Burson is the only manufacturer I know that has mic-input plug.
I am not speaking about about studio interfaces, but only about audiophile DACs or combos.

Who needs Phantom power or balanced TRS or XLR mic inputs can easily purchase a cheap studio interface, like Focusrite, Presonus etc.
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I see your point now. :)

This came first on PLAY, then moved further to FUN, PLAYMATE and now to the CV3. The initial idea of including a cheap ADC and a 3.5mm mic-jack was to cover the audiophile & gamers area with the ability to create the first audiophile DAC with headamp on USB and with external power in the world capable the fit inside a computer case. So, that was about PLAY, PLAYMATE, FUN (BANG as well, but no ADC inside this one).

Now, why Burson decided to keep the ADC and the mic-input inside the CV3 I do not know, but I can easily see this as a feature, even if for most of us might be not important, but I guess audiophile gamers should love it.
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